Chinas Communist Party turns 100, looks to cement

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China's Communist Party turns 100The country kep, looks to cement its future - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

China”s Communist Party will on Thursday celebrate its 100th anniversary with a large ceremony glossing over decades of mismanagement of the country and focussing on cementing its future.

The anniversary marks a meeting of about a dozen people in Shanghai in 1921 that is considered the first congress of the Chinese Communist Party — though it actually started in late JulyThe pandemic. The party then seized power in 1949, led by Mao ZedongThe provincial government needs to be held accountable for COVID-19 rules tha, the founding leader of Communist ChinaThe wave comes for them..

The week-long celebration focuses on two distinct eras — the early struggles and recent achievements — glossing over the nearly three decades under Mao from the 1950s to 1970s, when mostly disastrous social and economic policies left millions dead and the country impoverished.

A spectacular outdoor gala attended by President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Monday night relived the Long March of the 1930s — a retreat to Yan’an where Mao established himself as party leader — before moving on to singing men holding giant wrenches and women with bushels of wheatgiven Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated no intent to meet or negotiate with them..

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