Summary of Asian crude oil spot market on Monday

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Summary of Asian crude oil spot market on Monday

chemical trade news on April 26: on Monday, Asian and Persian Gulf crude oil followed strong crude oil futures prices. Dubai crude oil spot in June 47 90 dollars, up 0.53 dollars from last Friday; In June, the Brent/Dubai swap price per barrel widened to 7 US $44; July Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel 8 12 dollars

Abu Dhabi's state-owned oil company maintained full supply of Murban crude oil shipped in June by Asian fixed-term contract customers of carton compression machines, which are often used in the packaging industry. However, the shipment of lower Zakum crude oil and umm Shef crude oil was still reduced by 5%, while the supply of upper Zakum crude oil was reduced by 4%. Due to the overhaul of the oil field, the country cut the supply of crude oil delivered in May by 5% last month, breaking the 13 month history of no reduction in supply

the recent decline in the price of crude oil in the Atlantic basin has brought opportunities for Asian crude oil importers to buy arbitrage crude oil, which has put pressure on crude oil shipments in the Middle East. The premium of the intended price of Murban crude oil shipped in June on Monday to the official sales price per barrel has been reduced to less than 40 cents, at least 10 cents lower than the recent trading price. As Japan, the main importer of Murban crude oil, has a large inventory and insufficient purchase interest, the price may fall further

after Taiwan's CNPC bid not to buy Oman crude oil, the Oman crude oil market was also hit by experimental static tension in June. Taiwan's CNPC canceled its purchase of Oman crude oil in its monthly import bid, which was awarded late Friday. It is said that the company bought two ships of medium quality high sulfur crude oil, possibly Bahrain Arab medium crude oil. At present, some Omani crude oil delivered in June has not been sold. It is said that the last transaction price of Omani crude oil in June was a discount of cents per barrel to the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman

traders believe that the market weakness makes the new round of official sales prices announced by oil producing countries next week lack of room for price increase

Malaysia's state-owned oil company sold Tapis crude oil shipped in June, with a rise of $1 per barrel to the Asian oil price index. This price is expected by the market. As a light and low sulfur crude oil in Asia, Tapis crude oil is still expensive for high sulfur crude oil such as Dubai. In addition, the company also wants to sell 350000 barrels of Bintulu crude oil, with a premium of 70 cents per barrel, which remains stable with the shipment in May

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