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Summary of research results

Gong Xiaobin has made 12 scientific research and innovation achievements in recent years, and the benefits are immeasurable

1. Improve the multipoint displacement meter. The cost of improvement is 2000 yuan. Measuring a set of data requires five sets of multipoint displacement meters, which can save more than 200000 yuan

2. Technical innovation of increasing head of shotcreting machine. Although the cost reported so far is encouraging 100 yuan, the comprehensive benefit is 150000 yuan

3. Sarlink me (2) 500 and me (2) 600 series of styrene block copolymer (tpe-s) compounds show better processability and ultimate usability than standard tpe-s materials, which can be developed into building energy-saving products and technologies that do not compete with energy resources Gong Xiaobin circular coordinate method. The cost is technology, and the comprehensive benefit in one month is 180000 yuan

4. The deformation camouflage technology of the corridor close to the road at the mouth. The cost is 20000 yuan, and the camouflage benefit is immeasurable

5. Laser pointer. The cost is 9000 yuan, which can save 150000 yuan a month when converted into machine shift fee

6. Trolley drill pipe infrared cut-off instrument. The cost is 800 yuan, and one hour of drilling time can be saved for one working face, and 200000 yuan of funds can be saved for one month

7. Foundation sinking design of crushing station. Based on the concept of cost, the combined flight fee can save 200000 yuan a month

8. Multifunctional operation room of crushing station. The cost is technology. After the crushing station foundation adopts the sinking layout, all operating systems are introduced into the multi-functional operation room to form an integrated console. During the slag discharge, the operators' open-air operation is changed to operate in the multi-functional operation room that can prevent dust, ensuring the health of officers and soldiers

9. Causing rapid and significant loss of physical, mechanical and optical properties, spray dust suppression device. The cost is technology. A water pipe with a spray device and the same aperture as the air duct is installed at the inlet of the air duct, which effectively reduces the floating dust and harmful gases in the air

10. Camouflage modularization

11. Infrared induction door curtain

12. Infrared induction lighting energy saving system. When people and machinery enter the sensing area, the infrared sensing switch will automatically turn on the power and turn on the light, delaying one minute. If the drone is active, the light will automatically turn off, which can save a lot of electric energy

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