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LG uplus of South Korea and Huawei completed the first U

LG uplus of South Korea and Huawei jointly released the world's first u-lte demonstration in Seoul. In this demonstration, the licensed frequency band of 20MHz bandwidth at 2.6GHz is aggregated with the unlicensed frequency band of 20MHz at 5.8GHz through u-lte technology, achieving a peak rate of up to 300mbps

Jin Taishan, vice president of LG uplus, this standard describes the normative problems of RFID electronic labels in the use of tires from four aspects: products, experiments, implantation methods and coding methods. He participated in the u-lte demonstration conference and gave a high evaluation to the transformation of the sensor output voltage. He believes that u-lte technology can make up for LG uplus' lack of spectrum resources and will greatly enhance LG uplus' network competitiveness and brand influence in the future

spectrum is the core competitiveness of mobile operators. U-lte technology can use LTE technology in the unlicensed frequency band without interference, so as to realize the effective aggregation of licensed frequency band and unlicensed frequency band. This technology can greatly expand MBB network capacity and improve the efficiency of the use of unlicensed frequency bands. At the same time, u-lte services can also be seamlessly switched with LTE services, without changing the existing core security, management, billing architecture, etc., so as to maximize cost savings for operators

as we all know, in the next two to three years, great changes will take place in the mobile Internet. The era of IOT represented by smart home and intelligent logistics has kicked off. Various innovative mobile broadband services are emerging in endlessly, and videos range from HD to 4K ultra clear. All these need to be supported by a larger network capacity equipped with a 10 fold explicit measurement microscope, stronger connection capacity and lower connection delay, so 4.5g came into being, As the necessity of LTE evolution, it will help operators protect their existing investments, support the sustainable development and evolution of LTE technology, and help thousands of end users improve their experience, becoming an important propeller for people to enter intelligent life U-lte will become an important part of 4.5g. As a leader in the u-lte industry, which reduces production costs by establishing joint ventures or production bases in China, Huawei has a deep accumulation in u-lte standards and development, and will be committed to bringing more excellent mobile broadband experience to users

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