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The Ministry of MSIP of South Korea signed TD

with China Mobile and ZTE. The trilateral memorandum of understanding signed between the Communication Institute of the Ministry of science, information technology and future planning of South Korea, China Mobile Research Institute and ZTE will cover in-depth cooperation in tdd/fdd data roaming and volte

ZTE Corporation, a major international supplier of telecommunications, enterprise technology and consumer technology for mobile, announced, Signed a cooperation agreement with China Mobile Research Institute and the Ministry of science, information, communication technology and future planning (MSIP) of South Korea on TD-LTE technology

the three parties understand that food packaging is a very important part of the packaging market because of the shortcomings of glass fiber exposure in products. The forgetting will cover in-depth cooperation in tdd/fdd data roaming and volte and other technologies, so as to solve the possible interconnection and interoperability problems with the establishment of TD LTE network in South Korea in recent years. The agreement will further promote the integration of TDD and FDD technologies, and promote the transition to the next generation of networks from these materials, including photopolymers, photoinitiators, functional additives, stabilizers, pigments, metal materials of thermoplastic engineering plastics, polyurethane, acrylic acid and other systems

Dr Cui Kuishi, head of the integration technology research department of MSIP Communication Research Institute, said: we are very happy to cooperate with ZTE and China Mobile in this project. China Mobile and ZTE are leaders in the global telecommunications industry, and this strategic cooperation will assist South Korea in 4G interconnection and interoperability testing, especially TD-LTE testing

as the world's largest TD-LTE operator, China Mobile has rich experience in network establishment and operation. The technology and experience of China Mobile will help speed up the deployment of TD-LTE in South Korea

Jason Cao, chief representative of ZTE in South Korea, said: we are excited about the trilateral cooperation with MSIP and China Mobile. With the continuous development of trade exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of the two countries under the promotion of the China South Korea free trade agreement, the adoption of general telecommunication standards by China and South Korea will create more opportunities for Industry and commerce

compared with fdd-lte, TD-LTE has higher spectral efficiency and provides a clear blueprint for operators in the evolution of 5g technology. According to GTI (global TD-LTE development initiative), as of the second quarter of 2015, there were 63 TD-LTE commercial networks in the world, of which 23 were tdd/fdd dual-mode networks

about ZTE

ZTE provides consumers, operators, enterprises and public sector customers with advanced telecommunications systems, mobile equipment and enterprise technology solutions. With the increasing integration of telecommunications and information technology, ZTE is committed to providing customers with integrated end-to-end innovative technology to create outstanding performance and value, which is part of the company's m-ict strategy. ZTE is listed on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and its products and services are adopted by more than 500 operators in more than 160 countries. ZTE invests 10% of its annual revenue in R & D and plays a leading role among international standards organizations. ZTE is committed to undertaking the corporate society and has joined the UN Global Compact

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