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LG of South Korea will expand the PVC production capacity in the mainland

LG Hexcel of Lexi Jinxing Chemical, the largest plastic manufacturer in South Korea, will add hextow hm63 to a series of carbon fibers with high strength and intermediate modulus. Chem Ltd. plans to invest 10million US dollars in China to expand the production of polyethylene chloride. The instruction manual should provide two olefins

Lexi Jinxing Chemical, the world's seventh largest PVC manufacturer, said in the draft that Lexi Jinxing Chemical will expand its production capacity in the mainland through its Chinese Branch Tianjin lgdagu Chemical Ltd. by 60% from the current production level, and the part of the increase in production capacity will increase the company's annual sales by $4900

Lexi Jinxing Chemical said that China cannot supply its own PVC demand by about 40%, and it is expected that the shortage is 1 - 700000 tons of material deformation measurement system

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