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In 2003, Beijing printing industry will do five practical things

in 2003, Beijing printing industry decided to do five practical things to create a solid foundation for the development of Beijing printing industry

first, invest 600million yuan to build a state-owned printing team led by China National Printing Corporation and Beijing Printing Group Co., Ltd; Three printing bases, Daxing District with Yizhuang Economic Development Zone as the core in the south, Tongzhou District in the East and Shunyi District in the north, will be gradually formed, forming two ring printing zones, including the outer ring with high concentration of printing enterprises in Beijing and the inner ring with concentration of printing enterprises in Chaoyang District and Haidian District. Among them, Shunyi District Printing Park covers an area of 1000 mu, and some enterprises have intended to move in, of which Nanjing aide has purchased 200 mu of land and is ready to build a factory

according to Zhou Hao, director of the printing management office of Beijing Publishing Bureau, these two also provide a basis for the development of the straw industry, the main by-product of wheat. The goal of the circular printing belt is to integrate printing and binding, technology research and development, consumables agency, logistics distribution, and information dissemination. He also said that Beijing's book publishing houses account for more than 1/2 of the country, and newspaper and periodical agencies account for more than 1/3 of the country. If the lists of these publications can be obtained, Beijing will be busy and inaccurate. In fact, more than 60% of domestic high-end publications are covered by Shenzhen. If Beijing misses the development opportunity, the industrial focus may shift to the West and other places

second, promote enterprises to adopt international standards and enhance the competitiveness of products in the international market. Promote enterprises to participate in international competition and cooperation, and improve the level of technology, equipment, technology and so on. Implement the relevant requirements of the catalogue of the second batch of obsolete printing equipment

third, set up an expert group for Beijing printing quality review, regularly inspect the product quality of Beijing printing enterprises, and actively declare excellent products on the basis of expert review, so as to establish a good image of Beijing printing industry

fourth, further improve the printing quality of Beijing printing enterprises, hold mutual evaluation activities of Beijing Hong Kong publication quality, Beijing printing equipment exhibition, and Beijing publication quality evaluation activities, and constantly lower prices to enhance the influence of Beijing printing industry

fifth, do a good job in annual inspection and guide the re-election of Beijing Printing Association

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