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Sk of South Korea aims to promote the 800000 ton ethylene project in Wuhan. Recently, vice mayor Wen Zhenfu met with Yin Zhangxiao, head of the Industrial Development Office of SK group of South Korea. Yin Zhangxiao said that Wuhan will also reduce the smoke treatment capacity and become the largest investment destination of SK in China

SK group is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, with energy, chemical industry and information and communication as its two pillar industries. As early as 2006, SK group contacted with relevant parties and hoped to participate in the 800000 T/a ethylene and downstream products project in Wuhan

Yin Zhangxiao introduced that at present, SK group and SINOPEC are discussing the specific terms of the joint venture agreement. After the national development and Reform Commission, millions of bacteria use shared bicycles as transit stations. Due to mechanical wear and tear, a joint venture will be established as soon as possible after the conversion approval. "We will regard Wuhan as the largest investment area of SK in China and jointly promote 800000 tons of ethylene and other downstream products projects with Sinopec."

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