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South Korea has successfully extracted road materials from waste plastics

the South Korean Institute of construction technology published on the 25th that the developed fiber for Road (asphalt) packaging was extracted from waste plastics that were thrown away if they needed to take more complex parameters. Because it was mixed in asphalt packaging, it not only has a longer service life than general asphalt packaging, but also is an environmentally friendly packaging material with strong internal structure

through this technology, the Construction Research Institute can not only save the national budget required for road repair and warranty epoch-making in the future, but also sharply reduce the sales of new energy vehicles in January, and it is expected to relieve the anxiety caused by road pits (asphalt) in the road packaging in rainy seasons and other rainy seasons

according to the data of Korea road company, the budget used for the packaging and warranty of high-speed roads in 2009 was 64.2 billion yuan, that is, 18million yuan of road warranty fee was invested every 1km. Due to the aging of Road packaging, the budget for one-year road warranty in 2016 is expected to be 103 billion yuan

the recycled fiber reinforced road packaging of environmentally friendly waste plastics developed this time is about 1.5 times longer than the 6.8-year life of ordinary asphalt, and its toughness is about 2.5 times stronger than that of ordinary road packaging. In addition, compared with the current price of 13000 yuan per kilogram of foreign fiber under small deformation conditions, the price of waste plastic fiber is about 2000 yuan per kilogram, which has excellent price competitiveness. It has been successfully used in the fields of electronics, national defense and military industry, aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, textile manufacturing, machinery production and so on, and is expected to have a good market

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