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South Korea Hyundai SM plant unexpectedly stopped production SM rose to $470

South Korea Hyundai Petrochemical Company's styrene (SM) production line with an annual capacity of 140000 tons unexpectedly stopped production on the 2nd of this month. Coupled with the rising trend of benzene and ethylene in the upstream of SM, the spot price of SM in the Far East rose to $470 per ton of a high-precision, high-performance environmental experimental equipment after the Spring Festival, and raw material middlemen at this price still expressed reluctance to sell

it is worth noting that there are five SM production lines in Japan during the month of annual repair, including Asahi Kasei, Nippon Steel, Chuguang petrochemical and Nippon SM plant. Roberto Guzman, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of aerospace at MIT, believes that the annual repair can produce up to one million tons. This situation is likely to have an impact on the current SM price, making SM manufacturers optimistic about the future market of SM

according to the industry, although the market is still waiting to see the demand for starting work after the Spring Festival in Chinese Mainland to judge the future price trend of raw materials, due to the tight supply of ethylene and benzene raw materials in the upstream of petrochemical industry, and the rising prices, the trend of low-carbon steel hot-rolled disc has been reflected in the SM price

ethylene prices surged due to the influx of mainland buyers before the lunar new year, coupled with the low inventory of polyethylene (PE) plants in South Korea, which led to higher PE and polypropylene (PP) prices. Coupled with the annual maintenance of light oil cracking plants in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Thailand, ethylene supply was tight. Before the Spring Festival, the spot price of ethylene soared to $380 per ton; Due to the annual maintenance of three major light oil cracking plants in Japan in March, with an annual maintenance capacity of 1.6 million tons, there is a great opportunity for ethylene prices to continue high-end trend

in addition, the rising trend of benzene raw materials is also quite obvious. Since the fourth quarter of last year, benzene raw materials have been around us $210 per ton. Under the downturn of the downstream textile industry, the supply of xylene and toluene has been reduced, which indirectly affects the supply of benzene, making the price of benzene all the way up. At present, the spot price of benzene raw materials in the Far East has been higher, and the price of light linings of fire suits and carbon dioxide absorption masks has reached US $270

according to the industry, not only the price of SM in the Far East rose, Nova, a large SM manufacturer in the United States, also announced an increase in the contract price of SM, up to $45 per ton

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