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Schneider Electric has successively won 14 awards in the field of energy-efficient buildings

in China, the ethylene capacity in 2018 will reach 9million tons/year. Recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, won a number of awards, including intelligent lighting, building automation, integrated wiring, security, power supply and distribution, power supply and projects. Once again, it has been praised by many authoritative institutions and media at home and abroad, which fully proves the affirmation of the industry and market for Schneider Electric's leading strength in the development strategy, product technology, solutions, etc. in the field of energy-efficient buildings

with the increasing enrichment and widespread popularity of many digital applications, the era of building intelligence has also come. As a leader in the field of energy-efficient buildings, Schneider Electric, based on ecostruxure for the building market, has made comprehensive innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, application analysis and services, organically integrated all key systems, and integrated information technology (it) and operation technology (OT), so as to create a face. 1. How to evaluate the achievement of the "1025" new material industry development goals? To provide a one-stop green building solution for future buildings, realize the monitoring, measurement and optimization of closed-loop management of various systems in the building, help customers in the construction fields such as hotels, medical treatment, office and commercial buildings release the potential of energy conservation and efficiency, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, and create greater value

with its leading concept, excellent ability, and innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of users, Schneider Electric has been widely recognized in the field of intelligent building, and its brand value has been further released. It has repeatedly won good results in various awards in this field in 2017, including:

● issued by thousands of smart customers and thousands of brand laboratories, the industry-leading media, Known as the Oscar of the intelligent building industry, the 2017 top ten brands of intelligent building in China ranked second in intelligent lighting, third in building automation, and fourth in generic cabling

● two awards of top ten international brands in video surveillance and building intercom of 2017 China Security brand award issued by a s media, an authoritative media in the security industry

● four awards of the top ten brands of power supply and distribution, generic cabling and standby power supply, and the science and technology award of outsourced data center jointly issued by the authority China data center working group (CDCC) and China generic cabling working group

● five awards, including the top ten brands of generic cabling, security, building automation and smart home products and the best scientific and technological innovation brand, were issued by the intelligent building authority, which is almost the media that all the paper industry is not doing well

among them, the top ten generic cabling brands award jointly issued by CDCC and China generic cabling working group represents the most authoritative voice and the highest honor in this field. The award once again proves Schneider Electric's unshakable leading position in the generic cabling field

in addition to the industry recognition of product technology and solutions, the ecoxpert partner project launched by Schneider Electric in 2016 has also been recognized and won the five-star rating project of the 2017 partner project guide selected by the internationally renowned channel industry magazine CrN. Through the gradual improvement of a series of certification systems and special training plans for partners, the project comprehensively builds the core strength of the channel of Schneider Electric building business department, and improves the brand value and professional technology level of partners. So far, 15 enterprises have obtained the qualification of Schneider Electric ecoxpert partner certification, and 421 engineers have passed the certification training and obtained the certificate of certified engineer, covering all the product lines of the building and business department. The successful implementation of the project is of profound and positive significance to the industry and the development of Schneider Electric and its partners

at the same time, Schneider Electric continues to cultivate the pace of the industry and create greater value for customers in more fields such as commercial construction, medical treatment, hotel, etc. Among them, relying on ecostruxure, which is oriented to the building market, it helps Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University and Deloitte the edge office building to build green intelligent buildings. In addition, Schneider Electric has recently participated in the Federation of trade unions of Hilton, intercontinental and Marriott world hotel management groups to further deepen strategic cooperation and promote project implementation. At the same time, relying on the ecostruxure architecture in the field of power distribution, Schneider Electric has provided Liyang people's hospital with an intelligent power distribution solution covering its whole life cycle, which comprehensively tracks and monitors the operation status of the hospital's power distribution system, ensures the safe operation of key power, and realizes efficient management by digital means

Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University

for the continuous harvest of Golden Awards, Xie Jijun, head of Schneider Electric's China energy efficiency and building business and senior vice president, said: thank the industry for recognizing Schneider Electric's efforts. We will take this as the driving force to move forward, continue to have keen insight, accurately meet customer needs, and constantly upgrade product quality and innovation ability, At the same time, we will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with more partners, gather the strength of the industry, coordinate brand value, and seek the future of the intelligent building industry

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