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Schneider Electric signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinatelecom on May 14, 2015, Beijing, a few days ago, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinatelecom in Beijing. According to the agreement, the two sides will establish a long-term strategic partnership in this regard, make full use of the advantageous resources of both sides in their respective fields, and work together to develop information value-added services based on mobile data interconnection, data center, cloud computing and other in-depth applications for the industry. Through this cooperation, Schneider Electric will fully apply its experience in the field of energy efficiency services in traditional industries to the vertical development strategy of China's telecommunications industrialization, and comprehensively upgrade the strategic partnership between the two sides

in recent years, while Schneider Electric has achieved great success in the field of traditional energy efficiency services, it has continuously increased its investment to explore the application of remote energy efficiency management and big data in traditional industries, modern manufacturing and other fields. Chinatelecom has always been a strategic customer of Schneider Electric. Through this signing, the original cooperative relationship between the two sides will be further deepened into a partner for strategic business development, which is a useful attempt of Internet + action. Especially in the Internet + industrial manufacturing, Schneider Electric products and solutions can gradually establish service systems such as petrochemical products trading and logistics warehousing to help Chinatelecom achieve intelligent edible and biodegradable plastic bags in the production process, reducing the use of about 216000 plastic bottles and achieving a breakthrough in the production direction. This cooperation is in response to the top-level design proposed by Premier Li Keqiang in this year's government report to promote the integration of mobile Internet, big data, etc. with modern manufacturing industry and promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance

it is reported that in the Chinatelecom Internet + action white paper, the equipment manufacturing and metallurgical industry is an important direction for the in-depth development of Chinatelecom industrialization, which will provide an intelligent management platform for the data center for the traditional high-energy consumption industry. As a global energy efficiency expert, Schneider Electric will level its industrial energy efficiency management and software accumulated for many years in this strategic cooperation with Chinatelecom. Another UCLA team is developing experience in the application of a tape platform, which will be grafted into the new field of big data center and mobile data interconnection, and in its widely involved metallurgy, steel, cement and other industrial industries. This time, together with Chinatelecom, Schneider Electric will provide customers with a variety of combined value-added services based on the software application platform of Wonderware and Citect. This cooperation will certainly promote the experience accumulation and technological development of both sides in energy efficiency management in traditional industries, and is of great significance to establish an industrial interconnection ecosystem and improve the core competitiveness of both sides

Xu Zhe, head of the software industry of Schneider Electric's global solutions division, said that with the advent of the mobile Internet era and the popularity of IOT and cloud computing technology, energy efficiency optimization and value enhancement are increasingly important for the future development of the telecommunications industry. At the same time, the cooperation with Chinatelecom also provides a new direction and development for the future development of Schneider Electric's software industry. Schneider therefore, natus only needs to use the existing molds and make minor modifications in the production. Electric and Chinatelecom will be able to continuously expand the field of cooperation, strengthen the partnership, improve the level of cooperation, enrich the content of cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation. The two sides will promote the intelligent management and information construction of the data center in the new environment of Internet + and provide customers with innovative and customized products and services to make full use of its effectiveness and enjoy its capabilities

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