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Schneider Electric smart solutions witnessed the 2014 World Cup banquet

Beijing (China). Recently, on July 9, 2014, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, announced that it would work with partners to provide an automated overall solution for the brain operation monitoring room of the little Mario Stadium (also known as Maracana Stadium), the venue of the 2014 World Cup, to integrate multiple systems and applications through intelligent networks. The scheme meets the high standard requirements of FIFA, makes the operation of the whole venue more convenient, safe and efficient, and ensures the smooth progress of the 2014 World Cup. July 13 is the final day of this world cup. Let's look forward to the wonderful and cool watching experience created by Schneider Electric's intelligent solution for fans

Maracana stadium is one of the only smart stadiums in the world. Its monitoring room is responsible for the operation and control of a large lighting system composed of 3000 lighting devices. It has 17 elevators and 12 automatic escalators, which can provide lighting for the following spot inspection elevators, 292 bathrooms, 60 bars, more than 500 electric energy meters and the electrical protection equipment of stadiums and gymnasiums. The monitoring room not only monitors the energy consumption of the stadium in real time, but also monitors the lighting, ventilation, exhaust and temperature control devices, generators and uninterruptible power supplies, access control systems, fire protection systems, hydraulic systems and closed-circuit television monitoring systems in common areas. Schneider Electric's technical architecture for the monitoring room can manage a variety of information in real time, making the decision-making process faster and more effective

improve energy efficiency

the lighting system of the stadium adopts DMX and KNX protocols, which are integrated into the whole network for control, and can pre program the control color and the light combination of creating different scenes. Moreover, the system can also deal with real-time errors in the monitored system, display the current value in each case, and send an alarm when the limit is exceeded, so as to make the operation of the venue more safe and efficient. More than 300 modern automation panels using open communication protocols are distributed in the venue, which not only facilitates the integration of all systems and processes, but also improves energy efficiency by as much as 36%. After renovation, the water management system of the venue can control and reduce the water consumption of the bathroom. When the stadium is closed, the system will open the water valve to reduce the smell by lengthening the water discharge interval, which is the opposite when there are competitions

escort the safety of events

the overall solution provided by Schneider Electric worldwide can not only help sports venues improve energy and operation management efficiency, but also, more importantly, provide strong security for spectators. On the premise of ensuring that the venue equipment does not contain toxic and harmful substances, Schneider Electric can apply for the internationally recognized LEED green building certification

As a result, some problems will appear in the process of the experiment

Schneider Electric also provides a security system for Maracana stadium, including high-definition camera, intelligent monitoring and image storage. This integrated monitoring system can provide a single user interface for image capture, monitoring area adjustment and access control. The task of the image storage system is relatively heavy, including analyzing the monitoring data and automatically marking. When a suspicious situation is found, the alarm information will be automatically sent to the operator. Through these dynamic and real-time data, accidents will be more easily identified and solved, thus providing a safer environment for players and fans. At the same time, the ecological label includes the sustainability evaluation composed of 36 standards. Neder Electric is also responsible for providing all distribution equipment, including medium voltage transformers, armored buses and switchgear of distribution cabinets, as well as low-voltage equipment applied in different areas

Schneider Electric has rich experience in large-scale infrastructure projects. In terms of participation in sports events, Schneider Electric has participated in the construction of venues for the 1968 Grenoble, France, the 1992 Albertville, France Winter Olympics, and the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. In 2004, Schneider Electric was responsible for the renovation of Luce stadium in Portugal, the venue of the European Cup finals. Schneider Electric has also been used in the opening ceremony and final venue of the 1998 World Cup in France, the stadium of France, and some venues of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to achieve a variety of experimental cases such as stretching, tightening, twisting, shearing, peeling, tearing, load retaining, bursting, loosening, cycling, creep, etc. In addition to the Maracana stadium, the main venue of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Schneider Electric also provided products and solutions for the transformation and construction of other venues

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