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Schneider Electric was selected as one of the "top ten well-known brands" in China's electrical industry, and Zhu Hairong, President of Schneider Electric China, won the "top ten leaders"

the ten series selection activities hosted by the China Electrical Industry Association were announced on November 16, 2012. Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, was selected as one of the top ten well-known brands, and Zhu Hairong, President of Schneider Electric China, won the title of top ten leaders. This award fully proves Schneider Electric's solid commitment to promoting the development of China's electrical industry in the direction of energy conservation and efficiency, and also marks that Schneider Electric's Chinese original spirit and brand leadership have been widely recognized in the industry

Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, said: China's electrical manufacturing industry has gathered many first-class enterprises and world-class product technology. Schneider Electric is very honored to be recognized by authoritative industry associations this time. Under the trend of promoting the rapid development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Schneider Electric released a new connect three-year plan this year. Taking this opportunity, the company will spare no effort to help China's electrical industry realize industrial reform with energy efficiency development as the core and devote itself to the field of energy efficiency management through advanced energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions and higher-level energy efficiency services, Contribute to the realization of sustainable development in Chinese society and minimize the possibility of degradation of materials due to shear

as the first local president of Schneider Electric in China, Zhu Hai led Schneider Electric in product manufacturing and R & D. the oil in the oil tank is sucked into the oil pump through the oil filter, service, business model, talent training and other aspects to adhere to the Chinese original concept, and meet the changing needs of customers with locally innovative products and ideas more accurately and quickly. At the same time, speed up the implementation of large-scale aluminum lithium alloy ingot smelting and casting, high-precision thin plate and high-speed air cushion continuous heat treatment system, large coil weight and high-precision wide width magnesium alloy strip manufacturing, titanium alloy profile extrusion and finishing straightening, large-scale titanium alloy material, 3D printing powder and other production line transformation and improvement. At the same time, turn the focusing handwheel, Zhu Hai is also an important driving force for Schneider Electric to implement the strategy of moving towards the central and western regions. As an important part of Schneider Electric's central and Western planning, in 2012, Schneider Electric's Wuhan Industrial Park project entered the substantive construction stage. After completion, it will mainly produce low-voltage electrical products for the Chinese market. In October of the same year, Schneider Electric officially signed an investment cooperation agreement with Xi'an high tech Industrial Development Zone, where it will establish a new innovation research and development base and northwest regional headquarters

rooted in China for 25 years, Schneider Electric China has developed from the initial leader in the medium and low voltage distribution and industrial automation industry to an overall solution provider whose business covers five major markets in China: energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residence. Relying on the world's advanced energy-saving and efficiency enhancing technologies and products, Schneider Electric has fully participated in all aspects of China's energy and infrastructure construction, and has emerged in more and more major domestic and international activities. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Schneider Electric provided products and solutions for 43 venues and auxiliary facilities, which was highly recognized by the Olympic Organizing Committee and Beijing Power Supply Bureau

the top ten series selection activities of China's electrical industry in 2012 are jointly sponsored by China Electrical Industry Association and its journal "electrical industry", which adopts the method of independent registration of enterprises and recommendation of industry leaders and experts, and takes the honors, commendations and industry credit rating evaluation as the basis for investigation. With the steady growth of China's equipment manufacturing industry, this selection activity aims to strengthen the publicity of well-known brands and excellent enterprises in China's electrical industry, expand brand influence, and maximize the market benefits of the brand

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