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Schneider Electric launched a global integrated marketing campaign

on November 16, 2017, Beijing, China, recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced the launch of its first core cross platform integrated marketing campaign, advocating to turn bold ideas into reality, empower the digital economy, and further highlight its leading position in digital transformation

with the world tour of Schneider Electric Innovation Summit as the core of this marketing activity, customers and partners are invited to experience ecostruxure solutions on site, including the ecostruxure world premiere, which releases global new products

say your bold idea

the future world will be deeply affected by the three major trends of urbanization, digitalization and industrialization, which will lead to the growth of energy demand. Shi GWA ⑴ 000b electro-hydraulic servo steel strand special experimental machine is dedicated to the mechanical property experiment of prestressed steel strand. Neder electric regards this as an opportunity that can not be missed for our generation to solve the energy dilemma: to find a balance between the basic right of human beings to use high-quality energy and the earth's carbon footprint

many people think this is a bold vision. Schneider Electric has been challenging itself, rethinking the future, rewriting the rules of the game and trying all kinds of possibilities again. A bold vision requires bold ideas. The current practical ideas can bring significant results in the future. Schneider Electric is improving the safety, reliability, interoperability, efficiency and sustainability of its businesses with the help of digital transformation, trying to turn its bold ideas into reality

we believe that the most important role Schneider Electric can play is to help enterprises break the energy dilemma by improving demand side response efficiency and automation ability. To this end, we need to make bold ideas with an open attitude and adopt bold working methods. The customers we cooperate with also have the same attitude, whether it is Deloitte's ambition to pursue sustainable buildings with zero negative impact, or ArcelorMittal's efficiency of never stopping steel production even during downtime and maintenance. With customers and unparalleled partners who ensure the stability of the controller, we are fully exploring the potential of IOT and digital transformation. As the leader of this integrated marketing campaign worldwide, Liang Yumei, chief marketing officer of Schneider Electric, said that this marketing campaign will further integrate the spirit of bold ideas into all aspects of Schneider Electric

close to bold thinkers

this marketing campaign is also trying to stimulate bold ideas and thinking from thought leaders, partners and customers around the world. In 2018, Schneider Electric will launch special measures for developers to help them turn the bold idea of developing and utilizing new materials with high safety and good quality and performance to deal with the energy dilemma into reality. This initiative is based on Schneider Electric's current activities, including the go green in the city. The event will also use the story of how Schneider Electric cooperates with its ecosystem to carry out marketing activities. Schneider Electric cooperates with Accenture, Microsoft and their digital alliance partners to jointly carry out the innovative design of digital solutions and services based on IOT, which will make the bold idea a reality

stimulate ideological leadership

a core component of this marketing campaign is to focus on the content of in-depth ideological leadership. Next year, Schneider Electric will release a series of contents around eight themes, from in-depth white papers to social media discussions, to promote Schneider Electric's extensive and in-depth expertise in the fields of industry, glass fiber, building, home, information technology and sustainable development

During the activity, Schneider Electric will also share many real customer cases showing bold ideas and practical results to inspire people. These stories will also express the true feelings of customers in a series of case videos. For example, the next generation Guardian Nemours children s Hospital, Schneider Electric's reliable power supply has been applied in its key occasions, which proves that Schneider Electric ensures that everyone can enjoy the brand vision of life is on at any time and anywhere

Schneider Electric sincerely invites you to participate in the dialogue on digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, and join the discussion on

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