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Schneider Electric was listed in the first batch of "lighthouse factories"

recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy efficiency management and digital transformation in the field, is located in Le Vaudreuil factory in France. With its outstanding performance in successfully applying the technology of the fourth industrial revolution to modern production, It was awarded one of the nine most advanced "lighthouse factories" in the global manufacturing field by the world economic forum in Davos during its 12th annual meeting of new leaders

Schneider Electric Le Vaudreuil intelligent integrated factory takes human and sustainable development as the core of its innovation strategy in the process of large-scale application of a series of fourth industrial revolution technologies. By introducing digital technologies such as augmented reality, Schneider Electric Le after-sales service hotline: 0531 (8) 7566760vaudreuil factory operators can realize visualization in the process of cross site operation, maintenance and energy use, which not only reduces the maintenance cost by 30%, but also increases the utilization rate of corresponding equipment by 7%

Schneider Electric successfully applied the technology of the fourth industrial revolution to lead the development of smart factories in the future

more than 2000 business leaders, government officials and industry experts from more than 80 countries attended the 12th annual meeting of new leaders of the World Economic Forum (Summer Davos), and launched a high-level dialogue around this year's theme "building an innovative society in the fourth industrial revolution". It is estimated that the total global economy created by the fourth industrial revolution technology through improving productivity reached US $3.7 trillion

in the selection process of this annual meeting, the audience asked positive questions. These factories stood out from more than 1000 factories and were selected into the list of "lighthouse factories" because of their outstanding performance in successfully applying the technology of the fourth industrial revolution and improving economic and operational benefits

Schneider Electric Le Vaudreuil factory, which has won the title of "lighthouse factory", applies the latest digital tools, such as ecostruxure augmented operator advisor, and improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance by introducing augmented reality technology, increasing the productivity by 2% to 7%. At the same time, after the initial application of ecostruxure resource advisor, the energy savings of the factory is as high as 30%, and the improvement of energy efficiency is still continuing

at the same time, Schneider Electric Wuhan factory was rated as a "lighthouse factory" in development by the world economic forum expert committee because it took the lead in applying intelligent manufacturing technology in China. Two years ago, Schneider Electric selected Wuhan factory as the first factory to implement digital transformation, and made a successful demonstration of digital transformation for smart factories in China and the world by applying Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture and platform for the industrial field

in the working meeting of "building a factory of the future", Alain dedieu, senior vice president of strategy of Schneider Electric Industrial Division, pointed out that Schneider Electric showed how to improve product production and operation efficiency in the interconnected digital world by applying successful cases of innovation in internal factories. At the same time, it also shared how to gain competitive advantage through excellent customer experience. In addition, he also pointed out that Schneider Electric's supply chain innovation practice is promoting the green and sustainable development of global industry

"manufacturing lighthouse factory" network, but the special experimental machine for steel strand is promoting change with demonstration effect

according to McKinsey research, more than 70% of enterprises' projects invested in big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other technology applications have not passed the pilot stage. The purpose of this selection is to establish a "manufacturing lighthouse factory" network to create a learning platform to help relevant industries in developed and emerging economies solve the problems encountered in investing in advanced technology. Many multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, as well as government and academic organizations have joined the network

at present, Schneider Electric has become a member of the technology leadership organization of the fourth industrial revolution, and is committed to sharing knowledge and best practice experience with enterprises in other industries (such as food and beverage, electronics, etc.) and building an innovator ecosystem to continuously promote and promote the application of intelligent manufacturing technology in the industrial field

in February 2018, the alliance industry Du future also awarded Schneider Electric Le Vaudreuil the title of "future industry showcase". On April 3, 2018, Schneider Electric Le Vaudreuil factory shared digital transformation measures in its opening-up activities. S é Bastien lecornu, State Secretary of the French Minister of ecological transformation, and Zhao Guohua, chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric, attended the development project and made solid progress

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