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Schneider Electric smart panel realizes intelligent distribution management

Jiangsu, China. On May 13, 2015, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Schneider Electric smart panel intelligent distribution scheme with Jiangsu Ankao intelligent transmission engineering technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Ankao), a leading domestic supplier of intelligent transmission scheme and underground transmission scheme. The two sides will conduct cooperation and market development of energy-saving and efficiency increasing schemes based on the relevant businesses of Schneider Electric smart panel intelligent power distribution scheme in the building (including residential, hotel, government office, etc.) and medical construction industries, and jointly study how to create a new service mode for users in the context of power system reform, as well as develop a big data remote management platform

with the development of social economy, the concept of intelligent building has attracted more and more attention. It has become one of the important symbols of the modernization level of a country, region and city. Accordingly, because there are many kinds of electrical equipment in intelligent buildings, the load density is large, and the electrical load is relatively concentrated, some intelligent equipment need to bear the huge load of continuous and uninterrupted work, so it puts forward higher requirements for the reliability of the power supply and distribution system as the power system of the whole intelligent building

at the same time, as a major energy consumer, building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total urban energy consumption, and 21% of urban greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings. According to the requirements of the national new town planning, the proportion of new green buildings will reach more than 50% in 2020. Generally speaking, through the new green buildings or the energy-saving transformation of the original buildings, the buildings can achieve an energy-saving range of 20% - 25%. The energy-saving potential of shopping centers can usually be as high as 50%, office buildings are between 20% and 30%, and hospitals are between 5% and 10%

Stephane dariel, senior vice president of Schneider Electric (China) and head of the partner business unit, said: the smart panel low-voltage distribution intelligent system scheme is very in line with the comprehensive requirements of the building, construction and other industries for the safety, reliability, energy conservation and efficiency of the distribution system. Schneider Electric provides services for end users in the target market with the best solutions, and uses digital and intelligent technologies to improve the use experience of end users in the industry, which has driven the development of these energy-saving and environmental friendly building materials and related manufacturing technologies. This time, together with rely on the company, it opened the first cooperation between Schneider Electric and Changzhou. Through in-depth cooperation and research, the two sides will form a platform to provide customers with intelligent transmission, transformation and distribution testing standards, which are not so accurate as the overall solution of electricity, create a green, safe and intelligent transmission channel for electric energy, save energy and efficiency for customers, and facilitate the comprehensive management of customers in the later stage

smart panel low voltage distribution intelligent system solution is a system solution for energy efficiency and equipment management, which integrates hardware, software platform and services. It organically integrates frame circuit breaker (ACB), molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), terminal power distribution (MCB) and multi-function meter (power meter), and relies on Intelligent modules and interconnected technology to realize remote energy efficiency and comprehensive management of asset equipment

safe and reliable, and realize digital operation and maintenance management: according to the requirements of buildings and buildings for safe power consumption, the system scheme has equipment pre diagnosis management, which can detect problems in advance, provide effective guidance for preventive maintenance, and ensure continuous and smooth power supply, thanks to Schneider Electric's realization based on the cabinet doctor in the smart panel low voltage distribution intelligent system scheme. In addition, the facilitymost remote management software tailored for Chinese users provides convenient digital integrated management for customers through the recording, transmission and analysis of various data by intelligent power distribution equipment, and can trigger alarms in real time; It can also be combined with the application of mobile app to realize alarm reminder, alarm awareness and confirmation, alarm cancellation, input, photo generation report, etc., and help customers reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve management efficiency through online and offline interactive experience

energy conservation and efficiency increase, minimize operating costs: the smart panel low-voltage distribution intelligent system scheme relies on the energy management open platform cloud energy efficiency independently developed by Schneider Electric (but once the protective shell of the electrode connection line is damaged, it will increase a certain risk factor energyMost), and provides users with the storage, display, calculation and analysis of energy information in the form of cloud hosting services, Realize distance free energy efficiency management and remote customized service management, and tap the energy-saving potential. The system scheme can also help users reduce early investment, speed up the return on investment, reduce equipment risks, etc

Chen Xiaoling, general manager of Jiangsu rely intelligent transmission engineering technology Co., Ltd., said: with the cooperation platform of both sides and the first energy-saving dividend concept, we can provide customers with a better experience through the innovative service mode of power and financial services. This new development model is of positive significance to the power market under the power system reform, and can also play an exemplary role in the transformation and upgrading of the local power transmission and transformation industry under the assumption that foamed plastics will not be accepted and utilized

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