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Schneider Electric: take advantage of "service" to promote digital transformation and upgrading

Beijing, China. On June 11, 2020, with the acceleration of the process of industry 4.0, if intelligent manufacturing is not in the place of national strategy, please reinstall it. The accelerated implementation of new infrastructure has accelerated the process of digital transformation of enterprises. However, although enterprises have generally recognized its importance, the road of digital transformation is not always smooth

according to the white paper released by IDC in April, although 75% of enterprises have started digital transformation, only 25% of enterprises have reached a relatively mature level. Not daring to turn, not being able to turn, and not being able to turn still hinder enterprises from successfully realizing digital transformation. In this regard, chenweiwei, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of service business in China, gave suggestions: digital transformation will not be achieved overnight. Enterprises can use customized services throughout the life cycle to improve business toughness and efficiency in production and operation, asset management and energy efficiency management, so as to provide guarantee for enterprise digital transformation

digital transformation, ensuring business continuity is the key

in the current interdependent and interrelated world, any emergency may have a devastating impact on enterprises. On the enterprise side, in addition to natural disasters and catastrophic events, some internal changes may also have serious consequences. However, changes are inevitable in the process of digitalization, which is bound to cause adverse reactions to enterprises and hinder transformation. In this context, using digital means to enhance business resilience, strengthen change management, and use services to ensure business continuity has become a must. When accidents and changes occur, enterprises can actively enhance business continuity and feasibility with the advanced analysis and remote connection capabilities of the digital platform. Chen Weiwei said that this has become a necessary means for leading enterprises to promote business innovation, improve business agility, and simplify operational processes to maintain competitiveness

as a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has been committed to digital transformation and upgrading for decades. Thanks to the continuous expansion and accumulation of rich industry experience and cases, Schneider electric service business is growing rapidly, constantly helping customers improve the efficiency and flexibility of facility operation and reduce operational risks. At present, the electronic tensile material testing machine is widely used, including many achievements in reducing operating costs and capital expenditure

professional services, escort for digital transformation

through the analysis and induction of previous cases, Schneider electric service business divides the digital transformation of enterprises into three stages:

the first stage, with the help of some simple tools, makes everything interconnected and makes data visible

in the second stage, analyze the data through the digital system, improve the business process, and ensure the visualization of subsequent results

in the third stage, under the digital system, when the process rectification or personnel adjustment for customers is carried out, it is necessary to go deep into the customers to optimize energy efficiency and operation process

this series of insights has certain guiding significance for enterprises in transition difficulties. For example, in the digital transformation, when enterprises solve the dual challenges of realizing operational innovation and maintaining existing infrastructure, they often pay too much attention to the challenges in the IT field so that they focus on the core business, causing problems. At this time, a professional third-party service organization that can provide a panoramic view of enterprise digital transformation, clear transformation path, and help enterprises see their own positioning is increasingly important. IDC research data also believes that third-party service institutions can help enterprises grasp the right direction in the journey of transformation, and can provide enterprises with valuable guidance, prudent methods and case experience, so as to reduce the risk of enterprises making unwise decisions that are detrimental to long-term interests

take advantage of services to enjoy the new blue ocean of digital transformation

compared with resource waste, once enterprises' digital transformation is in trouble, it is more fatal to lose market competitiveness. At present, service is no longer oriented to specific product repair and maintenance, but starts from the pain points of customers, forms a panoramic analysis, and gives solutions with the help of digital means. With the rapid development of digital technology, services become more intelligent, predictable and normative, and their importance is reflected in more and more enterprise businesses. In this context, enterprises that successfully carry out digital transformation can undoubtedly seize the beach and land, and take the lead in benefiting. Only by changing their thinking as soon as possible and taking advantage of services, can enterprise managers make their digital transformation more smooth

how to use customized services throughout the life cycle to improve business toughness and efficiency in production and operation, asset management, energy efficiency management, etc., while when accidents and changes occur, enterprises can maintain business continuity and feasibility. On June 17, Chen Weiwei will join hands with Wu Xiaobo, director of the Department of Social Sciences of Zhejiang University, shentie Information Engineering Co., Ltd., and Wang Ping, chairman of the company, who caused groundwater pollution and land scarcity, and Zheng Wenming, deputy general manager of Jinmao (Shanghai) Property Service Co., Ltd., to attend the first finance cloud conference to explore the power of services from different perspectives and explore how enterprises can realize digital transformation and upgrading with professional services

about Schneider Electric

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