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Schneider Electric won the "Pioneer Award for green energy and environmental design"

on April 15, 2013, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, announced that its China headquarters office building in Beijing won the LEED-EB Gold Award certification issued by the American reenbuildingcouncil with a high score of 78 points. This is the fourth Schneider Electric Company to obtain this certification worldwide, and it is the first time in Chinese Mainland. This award confirms Schneider Electric's outstanding achievements in energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainable development and improving the working environment of enterprises. More importantly, it sets an excellent example for China's development of green building

since Schneider Electric entered this office building, it began to plan and implement the reconstruction project of the building. After using simulation software to calculate and analyze based on the building drawings and putting forward guiding optimization strategies for the operation management and daily maintenance of the building according to the analysis results, Schneider Electric has taken a number of energy-saving transformation measures for the energy management system and lighting control system of the building, which can accurately draw the curves required by the graphical method, while ensuring the rational utilization of water sources Corresponding countermeasures are also put forward to reduce carbon emissions:

energy management system transformation: in order to improve the reliability, controllability and management efficiency of the energy system of the office building, Schneider Electric used the powerlogicione (ionenterprise second) energy management system in the transformation process. This is an energy management solution provided by Schneider Electric for power companies and customers to realize the optimal management of electrical devices and energy systems. The system can measure the electricity consumption of lighting, air conditioning and sockets on different floors by items, and dynamically display the energy consumption data in real time through the energy efficiency center and energy management system station located on the first floor of the building, so as to help building managers and users understand the key energy consumption indicators in time, reduce the energy consumption level in a targeted manner, and greatly improve the response ability to power failure

transformation of lighting control system: Schneider Electric installed a high-efficiency lighting control system for the office building, which can automatically control the opening and closing of lights according to seasonal changes, the work and rest time of staff and the specific situation of indoor illumination. This system is based on the full use of natural light, with the help of a set of illumination sensors and control panels, and adopts the combination of automatic control and manual control to achieve energy-saving and efficient management of the lighting system. Through this lighting control transformation, only the first floor of the seventh floor of the office building can save 100kwh/day, while the whole building can theoretically save more than 200000 kwh throughout the year

water saving and emission reduction strategy: Schneider Electric not only introduces reclaimed water into the whole office building for sprinkler irrigation and toilet sanitation system, but also adopts a large area of multi-layer greening structure to reduce the intensity of heat island in the surrounding environment. At the same time, Schneider Electric also provides multiple shuttle bus lines to realize the low-carbon travel of employees

in addition, Schneider Electric has also integrated the concept of green energy conservation into all aspects of the building renovation details. The use of environmental protection materials, the improvement of indoor air quality and many other measures have reached the relevant standards of LEED-EB. Schneider Electric attaches particular importance to the publicity and education of employees in the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Through Schneider University of energy, it provides employees with a variety of on-site and networking courses on energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and green building. Thanks to a series of perfect and reliable green transformation projects of Schneider Electric and the efforts of the majority of employees, Schneider assumes that if you want more information, the annual power consumption of the office building of Schneider Electric China headquarters is only 94.6kwh per square meter

gregjeffers, director of green building solutions of Schneider Electric, said: we are both excited and proud to be able to obtain LEED EB Gold Award certification. Although the development of green buildings is still in its infancy in China, Schneider Electric is confident that with innovative industry concepts and advanced and reliable overall solutions, it will make customers' building energy consumption management more optimized and efficient, and create green, healthy and sustainable modern buildings and infrastructure

leed (leadershipin energyand environ4, metal toughness experiment: mental design) green energy and environmental design Pioneer Award is known as the world's most authoritative green building certification scoring system (60 points are gold awards, 80 points are platinum Awards). LEED-EB is its branch rating for existing buildings, which aims to create a green and healthy working environment for building users, comprehensively improve office energy efficiency and comfort, and reduce operating costs and negative environmental impacts. LEED-EB projects require a long certification cycle, and the certification is the most difficult in the LEED system. At present, few projects in Chinese Mainland have obtained LEED-EB certification

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