The first production line of Qibin glass in Zhangz

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On the 28th, Zhangzhou Qibin glass, a key project in Fujian Province with a total investment of 3.72 billion yuan, led a high-quality float glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 900 tons, which was ignited and put into operation in Dongshan 30 years ago

after Zhangzhou Qibin glass is put into operation, its annual output value will reach 10billion yuan, and Dongshan will become the largest advanced glass production base in South China

Dongshan Island silicon sand mine has a storage capacity of more than 200million tons, and the silicon content of silicon sand is more than 95%. The four indicators of silicon sand ore reserve, specification, grade and quality rank first in China and Asia. It is the most ideal raw material for manufacturing various high-quality float glass and large mechanical steel castings

2007, Zhejiang Ningbo Qibin Glass Group decided to invest in Dongshan and planned to build two glass production lines in three to four years, including a production line with a daily melting capacity of 900 tons, which mainly produces high-quality float glass for construction, furniture, vehicles, optical instruments and other industries,; A Low-E coated glass with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons. 1. Select the non cutting rectangular sample: the non cutting rectangular sample is a comprehensive production line for the beginning and expansion of tearing. It is inevitable to introduce the most advanced manufacturing technology in the United States. It mainly produces low radiation, energy conservation and emission reduction, ultra-thin glass, and a 5000 ton and 3000 ton special berth wharf will be built

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