The first production of the hottest Sanshui Huaxin

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In order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, the senior leaders of the group also put forward suggestions at the beginning of 2010: let the rice wine cup products of Sanshui utensils be converted to on-line production as much as possible, and require the marketing department to communicate and confirm with customers in advance, and the production and technology development departments to tackle key problems and cooperate, so as to achieve on-line production as soon as possible. After all the preparations for the production of the transfer train in the early stage were completed, the pressure test of the first time was real-time displayed on the test curve on May 6 according to the planned production schedule to produce two rice wine cups. After the production of the transfer train, the product number was changed. After the machine was put into operation, the practice proved that the two products met the quality and customer requirements in the production of the row and column machine, and the production was stable after the second shift of production, and the product qualification rate could reach more than 90%, which greatly improved the production capacity and efficiency compared with the previous production of the utensils and cups machine. Soon the production of the two products will be completed on the 13th, and then the product to be produced by the row and column machine will be the Baijiu pot. As this is the first time to produce cold water kettle products in the row and column machine, it can be said to be a great attempt, so the difficulty can be imagined. As this production change is a double order transfer, there are many and complex parts to be replaced from the feeder to the machine, and in addition, the power maintenance personnel of Sanshui line machine are insufficient and the technical force is weak, so Mr. Sun from the product development center is specially invited to the site for technical guidance, and two maintenance workers from Nanhai Branch are sent to Sanshui to assist in the excessive oil spill in the gap. At 9:00 a.m. on May 13, after the morning meeting, general manager Zou of Sanshui Huaxing personally came to the site and served as the commander in chief of the double turn order. After checking the availability of POM spare parts and personnel before the change of production, at 9:30 a.m., general manager Zou summoned all personnel involved in the change of production on the road beside the line of machines to carry out a general mobilization before the change of production: General Manager Zou pointed out the significance and importance of the double turn order production of Baijiu pots. Subsequently, specific arrangements and division of labor were made for relevant personnel in the whole process of changing production, and some safety precautions were emphasized. In order to make the machine run normally as soon as possible, Mr. Zou and Mr. Sun led their personnel to stick to the machine for technical research and equipment commissioning even at noon. At about 13:00, the production was officially started. From the perspective of the pressed Baijiu kettle, the main defects of the product were mouth burst and mouth collapse. It was confirmed that it was caused by the matching problem between the mouth mold and the forming mold. It was immediately sent to the mold repair office to process and modify the mouth mold. After half an hour, the above defects were significantly reduced after the modified mouth mold was replaced. Next, another major problem was that the previously installed clamp could not clamp the kettle, and the pot clamp could not come out or easily fall off, The clamp piece was immediately reduced, but the small rear pot mouth was easy to burst. It seems that the clamp piece should be appropriately increased. After one hour's hard work, the hard work pays off. This problem was finally solved with everyone's efforts. At this time, everyone was sweating and tired, but every face could not help showing a victory smile. After the process adjustment and running in of the middle shift, the product qualification rate of the night shift on the 14th was 81. 79%, the pass rate of day shift and middle shift reached 90 respectively. 18%、95。 36%, and the machine production has been stable and normal, because "this is a rigid demand market with a consumption of 1.5 million tons/year" far exceeds the assessment index of the company. It can be said that the double transfer of Baijiu kettle products on the row and column machine is a great attempt, and the facts have proved that the double transfer is very successful. It not only greatly improves the production efficiency and shortens the production cycle (the maximum machine speed of Baijiu kettles after normal production is 29.5 PCS/min, while the previous maximum machine speed of cold kettle machine is only 17.5 PCS/min. according to 90% yield, 15552 more white liquor kettles can be produced in a day under normal circumstances) but also reduces the production cost. The original semi-automatic and semi-manual forming mode, manual polishing and nozzle pressing mode have been changed to full-automatic production mode, The labor cost and liquefied gas cost are saved, and the production stability is strong. At the same time, it also provides valuable experience for the single and double mutual transformation of row and column machines in the future

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