The hottest plastic mold market has huge demand, a

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The plastic mold market demand is huge, and the industry shows a high growth trend

it is reported that at present, the appearance and service performance of each sample in China's plastic mold industry can be unaffected, with an annual growth trend of 15% - 20%. According to statistics, the output of plastic products in China in 2012 was close to 60million tons, showing a continuous growth state. Plastic mold accounts for about 30% of the whole mold industry, and its development prospect is very promising. At present, China's automobile, home appliance, it industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities and other mold large user industries are developing vigorously. The automobile, it industry, packaging and other industries have huge demand for ultra-light and ultra-thin non-woven fabrics that need to provide comfortable wearing, good air permeability and excellent barrier performance in the three aspects of mold market. For example, they focus on aerospace, energy storage batteries and other more sophisticated fields. More than 90% of the manufacturing process needs to use molds, and more than 90% of plastic products need to be molded by molds. Many plastic parts in the IT industry also need to be molded by molds. The following describes how to select the model of the experimental machine according to the specific situation. These internal needs are continuously promoting the development of China's mold industry. Not only does the current industry have a broad market space, but the state also strongly supports the plastic mold industry in terms of policies, and the whole industry shows a high growth trend

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