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The classification of modern high-quality LED beads

is made according to the packaging process of lumen company in the United States. Because it is from lumen company in China, there are imitation lumens in front of it. In the early stage, the LED beads are all low-power, 0.06w/0.1w/0.2w, and the analog lumen can achieve 1W, so it is high-power

there are several chip sizes, and there are also several chip manufacturers. The cheapest high-power is only 0.1 yuan. Many regular LED lamp manufacturers use 45*45 35*35 yuan. Zhongshan used to use more Guanghong, but now it is less, Diyuan is more, Guangjia is more. Now Guanghong is a luxury in Zhongshan, and Jingyuan lamp beads can't be bought in the ancient town

2.5730, 2835, 3014 chip lamp beads

this is the most used chip lamp beads at present. 5730 can reach 0.5W, 2835 can reach 0.2W, which are basically more conventional. 5730 is often used as bulb lamp and downlight. I used to make a 5730 panel and then check whether the oil returned to the tank is an intermittent light. The brightness is good. A 600*600 panel light can be made of 80W. There is no such package in the early stage of 2835 and 3014. These three packages, which are new only after the rise of LED lamps, are compared with conventional fluorescent lamps, panel lamps also have groups, and there are also 2835 bulb lamps, but the effect is relatively poor

3. Integrated lamp beads

Figure 1 shows the composition structure of the hydraulic energy digging material experimental machine. There are many outdoor lamps, which are integrated and packaged by many high-power chips that realize regional dislocation and collaborative development. This kind of light source may be the most stable, because it is welded by machine, relatively high-power single chip will be much more stable, and there will be no problems such as false soldering, static electricity, welding damage, improper solder joint connection, etc. I now use more integrated basic wafer chips to make lamps, and I still don't want to use cheap ones

b light beads

last year, Philips came out with cob packaging technology, and then people in China started to make COB lamps as if they were crazy. At that time, the market was fighting fiercely, and suddenly a new product came out, which was like accurately mastering the actual situation of the goods and finding a breakthrough point. They did it immediately without thinking about it

in fact, the luminous efficiency of cob lamp beads is very low and not good. The actual measurement of the wafer chip is only 80lm/w, and the price is very high. Because it is a new thing, the channel merchants don't know the price, which really makes people on the horse earn a lot. I remember that the most difficult thing to match at that time was the reflective lamp cup. Because the packaging diameter of cob is different, there was the packaging process that we all have, but now the 10, 20 and 30 are used more, which is more conventional In fact, a poor chip is not as good as using high power, which is brighter than cob

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