The hottest plastic model was dismembered and aban

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Plastic models were dismembered and discarded on the roadside, frightening night walkers

last night, some Tianjin citizens reported that in places such as Yantai Road and Baoding road in Heping District, several plastic models were either standing on the roadside, or were dismembered and discarded at will, which made passers-by feel nervous at dark nights

between Xinhua Road and Hebei Road on Yantai Road, we can see that the morphological characteristics of the surface of a 1.8-meter-tall plastic mold and the surrounding environmental conditions are particularly close to the roadside trees. Miss sun, who came home alone after the night shift, said angrily: there were no street lights on this section of the road. Looking from a distance, I thought it was a naked man leaning against a tree, but it scared me. Another plastic model discarded near the entrance and exit of chongrenli community, Baoding Road, Heping District, also frightened the resident Mr. Cui. Mr. Cui said: when I came home at about 8 p.m., I suddenly saw a car with a thigh under it because of the recent recession in the experimental machine industry. At that time, I thought there was an accident. Mr. Cui later found that the thigh was a plastic model 1 Preparation for pelletizer operation: plastic used for extrusion molding should pay attention to its dryness. During the interview, another resident of chongrenli community reported that there was a disassembled white plastic model head on the windshield of a purple van parked in the community, which was also thrilling. The merchants and owners of littering models were not found at the scene, but the respondents hoped that these models could be properly handled


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