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Plastic optical fiber enterprises group hit the "last mile" of FTTH

2011 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, China plastic optical fiber industry alliance with its six enterprises appeared, focusing on the complete industrial chain and technical characteristics of China's plastic optical fiber industry, as well as the strong advantages of plastic optical fiber in realizing FTTH fiber to the home

ftth has been a major trend in the world. At present, g.557 and G.652 quartz optical fiber wiring are mainly used in the household section. However, in the process of promotion, the problems of difficult construction of optical fiber into the home and difficult operation of home wiring are particularly prominent. How to efficiently enter the home has become the most studied topic in the industry. Plastic optical fiber shows its advantages in FTTH field by virtue of its high transmission rate, large core diameter, easy operation, bending resistance, frequent exposure of titanium dioxide pollution events with strong mechanical properties, and low price. In recent years, many plastic optical fiber enterprises have strengthened their research and development in the communication field in order to enter the FTTH market. Many enterprises such as zhongjiyuan and Dasheng have achieved excellent results. However, due to the dispersion and lack of coordination of enterprises, the influence of the whole plastic optical fiber industry for communication is weak, and further practical application cannot be achieved

therefore, on June 29 this year, the China Institute of electronic information industry development, the communications industry newspaper, and more than a dozen enterprises and institutes jointly initiated the establishment of the China plastic optical fiber industry alliance. Xinpengjun, Secretary General of the alliance, said that the purpose of the alliance is to expand the influence of the industry, integrate the scale advantages of the industry, and jointly promote the development of the plastic optical fiber industry. During the communication exhibition, Mr. Li Shumin, one of the sponsors, said to optical fiber that the purpose of the alliance exhibition is to gather industrial resources and promote it to the society in the image of the industrial chain. Upstream equipment manufacturers and operators can see the perfect industrial chain and technical advantages of plastic optical fiber, promote cooperation and jointly improve optical fiber access. Li Shumin said that the plastic optical fiber industry alliance and equipment manufacturers are not just complementary, no matter how competitive. Plastic optical fiber specializes in the "last mile", that is, the home entry section, and supports the use of quartz optical fiber and supporting equipment at the front end

for operators, Li Shumin said that with the gradual improvement of the plastic optical fiber industry, it has gradually been recognized by operators, and some local operators have adopted plastic optical fiber for pilot work. The alliance will strengthen the confidence of operators and obtain their greater support through this centralized display. It is reported that the alliance will continue to participate in the exhibition with a larger booth next year, and strive to create the image of the whole plastic optical fiber industry chain

the entry of plastic optical fiber into the home also needs the support of the terminal manufacturer. Li Shumin introduced that at present, some manufacturers have begun to provide plastic optical fiber interfaces on home terminals, such as some TVs and DVDs of Changhong. The alliance will work together to formulate perfect and unified industry standards and promote in-depth cooperation between plastic optical fiber and terminal manufacturers

according to Ms. Wang Yahui, general manager of zhongjiyuan, the plastic optical fiber communication system is basically composed of plastic optical fiber transceiver module, plastic optical fiber and various passive components. Previously, China was limited to the basic semiconductor integration process, and no enterprise could automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data. The industry was able to research and develop plastic optical fiber modules from wafer sound, and could only purchase foreign transceiver packages, lacking core competitiveness. In October, 2010, after the full acquisition of firecomms, the world's leading manufacturer of plastic optical fiber transceivers, China's plastic optical fiber system entered the world's leading level in the field of new generation all-optical communication systems, which laid a solid foundation for the development of China's plastic optical fiber industry in the field of FTTH

the author believes that the establishment of the plastic optical fiber industry alliance can promote industrial information exchange and resource complementarity, play a positive role in the development of the industry, and greatly improve the overall image of plastic optical fiber enterprises. On the road to "high resolution; the upper and lower limits can be set for the last kilometer", they will go more smoothly

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