The hottest plastic oil field in the United States

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The field of plastic oil production in the United States will create billions of dollars of economic value

recently, the American Chemical Council (ACC) released a latest report that if processors use new technologies to convert non recycled plastics (NRP) into oil, they can generate $9billion in economic output for the United States every year and create more than 40000 jobs

the report, entitled "economic impact of plastic oil production equipment in the United States", assesses the economic potential of the rapidly developing technology "pyrolysis", which is more commonly known as "plastics to oil". According to the analysis of the American Chemical Council, the United States can support 600 such equipment in the country according to the regulations. These equipment can bring us $2.1 billion in economic benefits and create US $6.6 billion in capital investment every year

"plastic oil technology can create thousands of jobs for skilled workers, bring billions of dollars to the U.S. economy, reduce the cross-section of carbon dioxide emission components, gradually weaken the volume, and significantly reduce the landfill volume of precious energy." Jonangin, vice president of business development of agilyx and chairman of the plastic oil technology alliance of the American Chemical Council, said

in July this year, engineers from the geoengineering center of Columbia University launched an independent study and found that the total plastic recovery rate in the United States rose from 14.3% in 2008 to 16.6% in 2011. If the brake handle must be stuck, all non recycled plastics can be converted into plastic oil, which can generate 5.7 billion gallons of gasoline every year, meeting the annual oil consumption of nearly 9million vehicles. Because plastic is produced by natural gas, plastic obviously has higher energy value than other domestic waste

"in the United States, we use this valuable alternative energy as landfill every day," said steverussell, vice president of the Plastics Department of the American Chemical Council. "If there is a possibility of recycling, plastic should be recycled and reused. If it cannot be recycled, used plastic can also be used as a valuable raw material to create energy and fuel."

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