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Classification of explosion-proof hammers and maintenance of explosion-proof tools such as octagonal hammers

explosion proof hammers are one kind of explosion-proof tools. The main difference between them and ordinary hammers is that they will not produce sparks when struck and rubbed in use. They are suitable for flammable, explosive or fire-prone environments to avoid fire or explosion. They are a safety tool, also known as non sparking tools

explosion proof hammers include explosion-proof octagonal hammer, explosion-proof inspection hammer, explosion-proof nipple hammer, explosion-proof axe, explosion-proof bench hammer, explosion-proof derusting hammer, explosion-proof sheep horn hammer, explosion-proof masonry hammer, etc; Explosion proof brick hammer with handle, civil aircraft will not disappear even if they explode, explosion-proof claw hammer with handle, explosion-proof German mechanical hammer with handle, explosion-proof equipment nipple hammer, explosion-proof double blade open hammer with handle, explosion-proof cutting hammer with handle 1 All parts of the testing machine should be cleaned frequently and coated with a little oil to avoid rust after the surface is not painted The rainy season is used for hunting and oil, not in the case of dust intrusion All door covers should not be opened frequently to avoid the impact of dust entering the interior of precision parts. Non operators should be allowed to use them to avoid accidents Explosion proof flat tail hammer, explosion-proof derusting hammer with handle, explosion-proof octagonal hammer with handle, explosion-proof German octagonal hammer, explosion-proof British flat hammer, explosion-proof round drum hammer, specification 2p---24p

explosion proof hammers are made of aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze and red copper; Beryllium bronze explosion-proof octagonal hammer because the magnetism of beryllium bronze is zero, so beryllium bronze explosion-proof hammer is also called antimagnetic hammer; Can work in magnetic field environment; Explosion proof products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, mining, gas production, shipping, power generation, metallurgy, aviation, storage and transportation, pharmaceutical, plastic, leather, fireworks, firecrackers, gas stations, oil depots, natural gas pipelines and other industries, as well as in the environment with fire or explosion hazards

maintenance of explosion-proof tools such as explosion-proof hammers:

keep the explosion-proof hammers in a dry place at ordinary times. In our daily work, the surface attachments of the explosion-proof hammer should be treated in time after being knocked for 20 times continuously, and then used after being wiped. Never use it continuously, so as not to heat the tool because of long-term knocking and friction

after using the explosion-proof hammer, wipe off the dirt and deposits on the surface, and then store it in a dry place. Percussion tools, such as explosion-proof copper hammers and percussion wrenches, cannot be struck continuously. More than ten times should be appropriately intermittent, with a time of 1-2 seconds. At the same time, the debris adhered to the product part should be removed in time before continuing to use. If the surface of the percussion tool contains other metal hard particles, it may cause sparks when hammering again, resulting in explosion accidents

edge tools should be placed in the water tank and gently contact the grinding wheel for grinding. Do not use too much force and contact the grinding wheel for too long. Before using all kinds of products, remove the oil stains on the surface, and remember to use the explosion-proof hammer correctly according to the instructions

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