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Jiangsu Changzhou plastic market price quotation

product name, origin, specification/model reference price

LDPE domestic film grade

LDPE imported film grade

LDPE domestic injection molding grade

LDPE domestic flower material

LDPE imported flower material

LDPE imported heavy packaging

L mortar tensile testing machine a new generation of testing machine developed according to the dry powder mortar tensile testing standard DPE coating grade

LLDPE domestic <

lldpe advance Mouth

HDPE domestic film grade

HDPE imported film grade

HDPE domestic wire drawing grade

HDPE imported wire drawing grade

HD is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development PE domestic injection grade

HDPE imported injection grade

HDPE domestic hollow grade

HDPE imported hollow grade

PP film grade

PP wire drawing grade

PP injection molding the initial distance between the clamps corresponding to the marking distance in the class a standard is 80 Within 115mm

PP high melt index copolymerization grade

PP low melt index copolymerization grade

PP fiber grade

PPO American GE

PPS import

pf domestic

GPPS domestic 6000 from the balance conditions of the pendulum of the experimental machine: 6100

GPPS import

hips domestic

hips imported

EPS domestic


eps imported

as domestic

as imported

pmma domestic

pmma imported

abs domestic

ABS import

PVC domestic

PVC import

EPVC chlor alkali

POM import Japan

POM import America

PC domestic

PC import

PA6 domestic

PA6 imported from Japan

PA66 imported

EVA Beijing

EVA imported

EVA jinshan

PVA domestic

AC foaming agent general

MBS domestic

MBS imported

pur imported

Pet domestic bottle grade

Pet Imported bottle material grade

PBT domestic

PBT imported

PBT domestic glass fiber reinforcement

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