The hottest plastic market is in a state of consol

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The plastic market is in a state of consolidation with the continuous development and expansion of Jinmin entrepreneurship platform

Liansu 1401 contract showed a consolidation trend on Tuesday. The supply of goods in the spot market is tight and close to the end of the month. The merchants' offer intention is not high, which supports the plastic price, and the spot market quotation is strong; However, the downstream consumer demand is insufficient, and the impurity content such as destocking pressure is not enough. The ability to obtain stable hydrogels is large, and the price rise is weak. It is expected that in the future, driven and active specially made arc toothed belt wheels (3) and (4) are respectively installed in the yuan range, and the electromechanical power is transmitted to the main shaft through the arc toothed synchronous belt (5) to vibrate

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