The hottest plastic market is in spring again

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It's best to reach the 30Hz plastic market. It's spring again.

the plastic market in Qilu Chemical City rose slightly today, with a range of yuan/ton. At present, the inventory of dealers is generally not high, and some dealers adopt the strategy of selling while continuing. The price of PVC has risen slightly in recent days due to the limited resources in the chemical city due to Qilu's failure to bill for the chemical city. The supply of PP is also tightening. According to the dealers, there are more demands for PP today, but there are few sources of goods in the market. The price of Qilu products is about 6600 yuan/ton. TIANLIAN and Xitai are placing the samples in the two fixtures of the experimental machine, 6550 yuan/ton. 3. When the heavy hammer or puncture cone is lifted, it is about

it seems that the spring of the plastic market is quietly coming to us again

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