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Classification of general hardware accessories

the classification of hardware accessories is very complex, which shows that it seems to be just an industry accessory, but it actually involves various needs of all walks of life, such as kitchen hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories and so on

the following is a rough classification of hardware accessories:

hardware accessories: handles, doors and windows, which also constitute the technical basis for the use of spring compensators in the subway. Home decoration, plumbing, architecture, decoration, tools, bathroom, kitchen, home appliances

furniture hardware accessories: wood screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hangers, nails, beaters, tooth rubbing machines, multi station machines

cabinet hardware accessories, hinges Drawers, guide rails, steel extractors, pull baskets, hangers, sinks, pull baskets, spotlights, skirting boards, knife and fork plates, hanging cabinet hangers, multi-function columns, cabinet body combiners

mold hardware accessories: punching needles, punches, guide columns, guide sleeves, thimbles, cylinders, steel ball sleeves, ball sleeves, cages, outer guide columns, independent guide columns, self-lubricating sliding plates, self-lubricating guide sleeves, no oil supply guide sleeves, no oil supply sliding plates, outer guide column components

marine hardware accessories Shackles, flower orchids, clips, swivel rings, rings, pulleys, cable bolts, pipe seats, fairleads, bollards

clothing hardware accessories, buttons, thread buttons, hooks, claw nails, rope buttons, needle buttons, military buttons, zipper heads, five claw buttons, fashion buttons, rope ties, Japan Banking Regulatory Commission has not received the material buttons, rubber dripping buttons, stone inlaid buttons, pull lock heads, belt buckles, hollow nails, alloy couplers Alloy tag

luggage hardware accessories, rivets, aluminum bars, chains, rings, buttons, square rings, four buttons, mushroom nails, hollow nails, steel rings, backpack frames, triangular rings, pentagonal rings, three section rivets, luggage handles

door and window hardware accessories, handles, handles, hinges, pins, handles, hinges, wind braces, pulleys, door flowers, throat hoops, lock boxes, beads, crescent locks, multi-point locks, drivers, pullers, door closers Glass glue, Samsung lock

photo frame hardware accessories, hooks, shrapnel, blades, picture brackets, legs, brackets, laminations, loose leaves, corner wrapping, straight nails, corner flowers, corner machines, code nails, corner nails, flannelette

Hardware stamping accessories, flat mats, discs, springs, springs. Typical products include pump impellers, fan blades, valve seats, bushings, bearings, various instrument panels, automotive electrical instruments, cold and hot air conditioning valves and other parts, covers Shell, signs, nameplates, marking, iron wires, forks, terminals, stamping parts, drag arms, T-plates

curtain wall hardware accessories, hanging clamps, riggings, AB glue, connecting claws, curtain wall claws, glass claws, connecting joints, glass clips, glass glue, marble glue, foam strips, rebar planting glue, adapters, dry hangers, handrails, chemical bolts, glass curtain walls Non standard products

hardware accessories

decorative hardware accessories

general hardware accessories, valves, bearings, springs, pulleys, casters, joints, pipe clamps, idlers, shackles, nozzles, nozzles, hooks, grappling hooks, steel balls, balls, clamps, hoops, bearing shells, rigging, rollers, universal wheels, oil seals

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