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ExxonMobil: providing leading solutions for the new generation of transportation needs

ExxonMobil: providing leading solutions for the new generation of transportation needs

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with the global population growth and the continuous innovation of automotive technology, in the next 20 years, The field of transportation will undergo a series of major changes; Including the development of autonomous driving, sharing economy, electrification and the further development of powertrain technology, it will bring new challenges to the supply chain of automobile manufacturers and related industries

many automobile manufacturers have added hybrid and battery powered models to their existing product lines with the times. Therefore, some people believe that with the development trend of hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles, the market demand for lubricants will decline. However, some people hold the opposite view, believing that with the growth of the number and diversification of vehicles worldwide, opportunities and challenges coexist, and lubricants will play a more important role in the protection and performance maintenance of vehicles

as a widely acclaimed lubricant brand and a pioneer in the industry, ExxonMobil continues to work closely with the world's leading automakers to assess the performance needs of new power technologies, including hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles. With more than 150 years of innovation in the field of lubricants, we focus on testing and evaluating different formulations to provide better protection and performance support for automotive engines

the development demand of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles

improving the energy efficiency of internal combustion engines has been an indisputable trend in the past few decades. This trend will continue to dominate the development of the automotive industry, both now and in the near future. In addition, the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction will also drive lubricant manufacturers and base oil suppliers to continue to develop innovative solutions to release residual efficiency more efficiently and better cope with the new fuels and materials used in internal combustion engines and hybrid power systems

the hybrid electric vehicle adopts the hybrid electric system of electric motor and internal combustion engine, so it still needs to use engine oil; Pure electric vehicles powered only by batteries do not need to use such lubricants. In addition, in order to make it more convenient for consumers to use cars, the power of the battery power system will continue to increase, and the charging frequency will gradually reduce, which also puts forward new requirements for the thermal stability of the engine

however, like traditional fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles still need the support of lubrication technology in terms of wear resistance, oxidation resistance, current conductivity, thermal stability and material compatibility. In the future, with the increasing requirements of the industry for the efficiency of the power system, the multiple working environment of the power system also opens up more possibilities for innovation; For lubricant manufacturers like ExxonMobil, this not only brings more challenges, but also opportunities for breakthroughs

the growth in the demand for new energy vehicles means that manufacturers of fixture oil for lubricating wood-based panel universal testing machine need to develop new lubrication technology, which can not only play the role of lubricating oil on traditional fuel engine models, but also meet the needs of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles. With the continuous improvement of efficiency and power of the new generation of pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, this new lubrication technology will become more and more important

with the continuous improvement of technology and application materials of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, automobile manufacturers focus on developing a new generation of vehicles that are more efficient and can provide lasting power. In the future, the weight of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles will be reduced, and they will have greater horsepower and higher voltage, which means that more heat will be generated accordingly. Therefore, when designing a new generation of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, lubricants should be considered at the same time as the development of automotive hardware, because cooling capacity and material compatibility are crucial

development trend of lubricating oil

as hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles are equipped with larger batteries and electric devices, these two types of vehicles will operate at higher voltage, which will also cause electrical problems accordingly. Therefore, the degree of fluid insulation or conduction current is a key design parameter when preparing lubricating oil. It is necessary to balance the proportion of base oil and additives and reasonably plan the conductivity when mixing lubricating oil, which plays a vital role in the protection of the power system of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles

many hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles will be equipped with more efficient and powerful motors, which also means that more heat will be generated; If the working temperature in the power system cannot be effectively controlled, the power system will be damaged and accompanied by potential fire hazards. With the continuous development and popularization of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, it is necessary to innovate in lubrication engineering and thermodynamics in order to ensure the thermal stability and heat transfer level of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles in the future

while ensuring current conduction and maintaining heat stability, the material compatibility of lubricants for hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles is also very important. With the emergence of special plastics, resins, coatings and other materials for power systems, the standard accessories of the future run6 and battery acupuncture experimental machine: the lubricant formula needs to consider the material compatibility to avoid unnecessary impact. Although the main functions of lubricating oil are to protect mechanical parts and prevent overheating of battery system, new materials also need to be protected accordingly

continue to stay ahead in the transformation

throughout the transformation of the entire transportation field, it will become increasingly important to effectively protect and optimize the performance of future vehicles, develop new technologies for base oils and additives, and develop accurate and perfect special formulas

ExxonMobil has more than 150 years of lubrication experience. Our research team is committed to continuously improving the formula to meet new transportation challenges through long-term accumulated industry experience. At present, ExxonMobil is one of the largest Lubricant Manufacturers of hybrid electric vehicles, and our products have also been recognized by many original equipment manufacturers. Recently, ExxonMobil launched Mobil 1 TM 0w-20 hybrid lubricant specially designed for hybrid vehicle engines in the Chinese market, which has excellent performance in reducing sediment, oil sludge resistance and wear resistance, and provides long-term and lasting protection for hybrid car engines, so as to optimize engine performance and make the performance exceed imagination. In the future, we will make full use of existing resources and projects under development, cooperate more closely with original equipment manufacturers, continue to work with relevant departments to decompose and implement the task of steel capacity reduction in 2017, focus on the development of lubricating oil technology, and provide leading lubricating solutions for future vehicles

Author: Mr. ray McDonald, global OEM strategy consultant of ExxonMobil research and Engineering Company

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