Most popular ExxonMobil sued two Chinese companies

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Exxon accelerates its lack of competitive capacity to withdraw. Mobil sues two Chinese companies for infringement claims of 500000

ExxonMobil sues two Chinese companies for infringement claims of 500000

August 29, 2012

[China paint information] Exxon Mobil of the United States, a global top 500 enterprise, believes that Exxon chemical company in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province and Beijing Shanshui JIAYE decoration company have infringed the exclusive right of Exxon to use registered trademarks, The two companies were brought to court to stop infringement and compensate 500000 yuan for economic losses. The Beijing Second Intermediate People's court announced on the 28th that it had accepted the case

ExxonMobil claims that it enjoys many trademarks with the words "Exxon" or "Exxon" in Chinese Mainland, and the approved products include "paint". After long-term use and publicity, the above trademarks have long been known by the relevant public in China and enjoy high popularity and reputation

ExxonMobil found that Jiangmen Exxon company used the words "aekson+ Exxon", "Exxon USA" and other words in its paint products, product leaflets, official stations and other places without its permission, and publicized it as the dispatched company of Exxon

ExxonMobil also claimed that Beijing Shanshui JIAYE claimed to be the Beijing Office authorized by Jiangmen Exxon and used the trademark of Exxon on the goods it sold in a similar way

accordingly, ExxonMobil believes that the actions of the two defendants infringed Exxon's exclusive right to use registered trademarks and constituted unfair competition. Request the court to order the defendant to stop the infringement, and jointly compensate the economic losses and reasonable expenses of 500000 yuan. At present, the case is under further trial

it is reported that exweston? 705 is also licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Founded in 1882, Mobil is the world's largest oil refiner and oil and gas trader, and ranks among the world's top 500 enterprises selected by Fortune magazine

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