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Fake alcohol damages health instruments help alcohol detection

according to the Beijing News, two deaths from fake alcohol have occurred in India in the past half month, and the death toll has reached 250 at present. It is reported that the fake liquor incident in Assam broke out on the evening of the 21st, and the culprit of the incident was the private brewing known as "rural made liquor". Here, I think we should talk about the harm of fake wine and how to quickly identify and detect fake wine

as far as we know, there are two kinds of fake wine in the market: fake wine that imitates famous wine and fake wine mixed with industrial alcohol. Among them, the latter often contains methanol, a highly toxic substance. When people consume more than 10g of methanol, they will have life worries. In the above, Indian police also suspected that the fake alcohol incident was caused by "methanol poisoning". It is understood that methanol ingestion through breathing, drinking and other ways will cause toxic reactions, mainly on the human nervous system and blood system. Not only that, methanol vapor can also damage human respiratory mucosa and visual ability. Generally, people who ingest or inhale methanol by mistake will have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting, and sharp decline in vision

it should also be mentioned that the physical properties of methanol, such as smell, taste, and BICO, are very similar to those of ethanol, such as the control of experimental process and the storage and printing of data. It is impossible to distinguish the two by people's sense of smell and taste. Therefore, in order to prevent fake alcohol from entering the market and damaging people's health, we also need to borrow a variety of instruments and equipment

methanol detector is an instrument and equipment used for the methanol content in various wines. It is understood that the joint operation of multi-path systems, rapid detection of multiple samples at the same time, as well as the characteristics of simplified design, small size and portability, has become the main research and development and design trend of this kind of instruments and equipment. In addition, there is another kind of instrument and equipment specially used for methanol gas detection. As we all know, methanol is a kind of chemical raw material used as solvent and fuel. However, due to its volatile characteristics, once a large amount of methanol is leaked and volatilized into gas, it will cause serious safety hazards, such as methanol gas invading human skin, damaging human health, or causing explosion when encountering open fire. At this time, the application of methanol gas detector is very important. When the instrument and equipment are used together with the gas alarm controller, the methanol leakage can be found in time. The high-end film blowing quality has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging, and an alarm will be sent to

in addition to the above two instruments and equipment, the methanol detection box can also be used to detect the methanol content in fake wine. It is understood that this kind of detection box adopts chromotropic acid method, which can realize the rapid determination of methanol content in Baijiu, and can effectively control Baijiu with serious methanol exceeding the standard on the spot. In addition, gas chromatography and "top 50" are just starting points. Colorimetry, liquid chromatography, distillation and transform infrared spectroscopy are all effective methods for the detection of methanol content in alcohol. Accordingly, all kinds of chromatographic and spectral instruments and equipment, as well as laboratory instruments and equipment such as ultra clean workbench will also be used

conclusion: according to relevant reports, collective poisoning caused by illegal businessmen selling fake alcohol is common in rural India. This incident took the lives of more than 100 people in an instant. It is believed that India will vigorously promote the industrial and urban upgrading of all Chanxi new towns, and the government will take warning and further strengthen the fight against fake and illegal alcohol

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