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How about starting to experience the Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1050ti chicken eating computer host? Advantages and disadvantages evaluation

it is not easy to assemble a good computer machine, especially for friends who don't know the configuration very well. Today, I bring you the recently popular machine configuration recommendations: Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1050ti chicken eating computer host desktop full set game assembly machine DIY machine, with a hot sale of 430000 sets, three-phase interest free running points 19w+ smooth chicken eating. If you come down to see the evaluation of this host trial friends, users' comments on the advantages and disadvantages

I. how about Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1050ti chicken eating computer host? Is it easy to use

trial model: Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1, of which 050ti chicken eating computer host

reference quotation: ¥ 3596 00

try it for a week and feel:

(1) generally speaking, it's good. The boot speed is very fast, and it's completed in more than ten seconds. The effect of playing Jianling is fully open without card. I don't know what will happen in the future. Generally speaking, I'm quite satisfied. The most important thing is to thank the customer service staff for being very good and taking the trouble to help me solve the problems I raised

(2) it is used for drawing, especially fast. And I especially like the super large screen. For the first time, the curved screen is more ergonomic than the flat one, and my eyes won't be tired. Basically, I use it for 10 hours a day now, and then I will add a fan if necessary. Besides, the shape of the host is super cool, just like a robot. Don't like it. In short, the overall 100, the experience is particularly good! Besides, the delivery speed is too awesome. I bought it on the double 11, and it was delivered to SF on the third day. The service attitude of customer service is also very good. Any problem will be solved patiently

(3) the machine is so handsome that it explodes. It has a strong sense of science and technology. Xiaobei's customer service is also very good. I have confidence to answer any questions. Eating chicken without pressure alliance is more. In addition, it can also enhance cell adhesion and proliferation

three week trial experience: Please click here to enter the tmall store to view the detailed content introduction

II. Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1050ti host configuration:

it converts pressure signals into electrical signals and transmits them to the computer

III. Jingtian i5 8500/gtx1050ti user comments advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: 1 Representative of ordinary game models, the hardware configuration fully meets the game needs of the vast majority of people. 2. The mature configuration scheme brings excellent performance and high cost performance. 3. The chassis has large redundancy, which provides a good platform for all aspects of "this design can not only reduce white pollution, but also upgrade and expand.

disadvantages: 1. Two of the three USB ports on the top are USB2.0, which reduces the practicality of this part of the ports. 2. The appearance may not be very pleasing for people over middle age

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