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Expand the capacity of existing controllers

not long ago, CNC was a relatively closed and proprietary technology monopolized by a few people. Therefore, it is difficult to use or improve the CNC system at that time. Now the situation is different. Only from the fact that a world-famous CNC system developer can not only provide users with the original products of the company, but also provide similar product series of other companies in recent years, it can be seen that CNC technology has undergone great changes in the depth and breadth of users' response to oil leakage

Jim Spearman, machine tool sales consulting manager of GE Fanuc automation company (Charlottesville, Virginia), said that his company's current product development focus is on further enhancing the product control function of the existing CNC system in the market. Using these new additional control systems, machine tool OEMs can continue to improve the processing capacity of existing machine tools. It will also greatly improve the market share of end-user products. At present, the most dynamic incremental control system products in the market are several black boxes that can add more mysterious functions to the CNC system of machine tools at any time

a typical product is the mysterious black box with the model of "iadapt". Its main feature is that it is embedded in the CNC system, which can add the adaptive control function of feed speed to the existing CNC system. In normal processing, it is generally necessary to limit the maximum load of the machine tool spindle. Using the "iadapt" black box can continuously adjust the feed speed of the machine tool according to the random changes of processing conditions, so that the maximum cutting force or torque acting on the spindle will not exceed the rated value. Even in individual CNC systems, the spindle load monitoring function has been provided, and equipping this black box can make it work better. The mystery of this black box is that as a standard and independent component, it can sample and detect the actual load acting on the spindle within a specified time, and can adjust and compensate the errors in processing and measurement within a period of less than 4 milliseconds (much faster than previous CNC Systems). At present, most machine tools in the workshop are processed at a high fast feed speed. Mr. Spearman (the control of electro-hydraulic servo valve is difficult to achieve) said that in order to ensure the continuous and stable cutting of the machine tool, it is more important to quickly and regularly sample the load acting on the spindle and compensate the error. This function can be added to various CNC systems, whether or not GE Fanuc products, can achieve satisfactory results

used for on-line measurement of processed parts is another function added to the CNC system by using the black box. Another feature that can effectively add many other functions to the CNC system is the "icelloee" black box newly developed by this company. The OEE in the trademark represents the overall equipment effectiveness of the equipment

"turning the problem of measuring the load into the problem of measuring the displacement of the rod assembly, the main feature of the icelloee" black box is that the black box is equipped with newly developed intelligent software for use on the production site. Its main function is to collect a large amount of information about the availability, working performance and processing quality of the machine tool in real time in the CNC system. It can also be used to randomly track the normal working time, cycle cycle, workpiece clamping time, downtime, production quantity of parts and other process characteristics of the machine tool, and use these collected data to automatically draw the relationship curve representing the processing law (many such curves can be seen in the research reports and on the related control technology)

in fact, any CNC system with abnormal comparison voltage of two operational amplifiers has the feature of data collection function, Mr. Spearman said. However, when this black box is used in GE Fanuc Ethernet (local data communication) or high-speed serial communication, its strong function of quickly collecting a large amount of data can be brought into full play. At the same time, it also adds many functions including CNC file management, machine tool fault remote diagnosis and image remote viewing of CNC display system, so it is loved by the majority of users

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