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Expert interpretation: where to go for "made in China" due to internal worries and external difficulties

expert interpretation: where to go for "made in China" due to internal worries and external difficulties

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Guide: the current situation is large but not strong: in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, made in China has become a business card of China, driving employment and accumulating foreign exchange. It can be said that without made in China, there would be no great material achievements of reform and opening up; At the same time, the international trade center around the made in China

big but not strong

: over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, "made in China" has become a business card of China, driving employment and accumulating foreign exchange. It can be said that without "made in China", there would be no great material achievements of reform and opening up; At the same time, international trade frictions around "made in China" continue. Intertek group's rapid development in Zoomlion Sany Heavy Industry in China is accompanied by the rise of "made in China". As far as you know, what kind of quality does "made in China" mean? What is its international status and image

Su Zimeng: China is a large construction machinery manufacturing country, but it is not a powerful country. China's products have accounted for half of the world in terms of quantity, but there is still some gap between some high-end equipment and international advanced enterprises

Dong Biqin: the reason why China has become a big manufacturing country now is the realization of the major equipment development strategy originally set by China. The so-called "high-end" and "low-end" statements are not accurate, such as water conservancy equipment, there is no high-end equipment. Equipment manufacturing should be market-oriented, and see what the whole country and market need most, so as to guide the development of the industry

Bai Xueli: the first impression of "made in China" is large quantity. China is "the factory of the world", especially in the developed countries in Europe and the United States, a large part of the middle and low-end products are made in China; The second impression is that the price is cheap. 8. Manual dispensing operation should avoid intermittent operation. Although domestic products have had some quality problems, it is not surprising that such a large amount of products have some quality problems. Products from developed countries in Europe and the United States will also have quality problems and recall. Therefore, the overall quality of Chinese products should be said to be OK. From the perspective of cost performance, it is quite good

Chen Xiaofei: "made in China" has been able to go overseas in recent years, which shows that the quality of Chinese products has been recognized. Relevant data show that the sales volume and sales volume of construction machinery in China have become the first in the world. It is expected that the whole industry will achieve an increase of more than 30% this year, and the export is expected to reach 8.5 billion to 9 billion US dollars

from Zoomlion, we officially signed the contract with Italian CIFA company on September 28, 2009. Now looking back, we also find that many European companies better than CIFA have not been able to survive the financial crisis. Although we have had a painful process of running in in the process of mergers and acquisitions for more than two years, the behavior of Chinese enterprises going abroad and the cooperation in recent years have improved the status of Chinese companies in the world. "Going out" is obviously necessary

: how can China's construction machinery industry get rid of the current situation of being large but not strong

Su Zimeng: we should use low cost in the later stage to improve the ability of independent innovation. Now the government has issued the relevant "12th Five Year Plan", including the support policies for strategic industries. If these plans and policies can be implemented, they will certainly be conducive to the innovation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry enterprises. Many enterprises are working hard on their own mastery of core technologies, R & D investment and refined management

: Chinese construction machinery enterprises have been shouting the slogan of building a world-class brand for many years, but the effect is not very obvious. What is the crux

Su Zimeng: the main problems of poor development are the hydraulic system and engine, because they are high-pressure and require high requirements. There are both precision casting problems and machining problems, which are related to the basic industry of the whole country. A hydraulic valve has more than 400 parts, which can be solved by the United States, Japan and other countries in their own countries to ensure quality, including electromagnets, bearings and springs, but we can only import them. Our country now puts forward the "three basic" plan to revitalize the basic industry. If these can be effectively implemented, the whole basic industry of our country can be raised to a higher level. In this way, the gap between our construction machinery and the world will be smaller and smaller

: some people think that Chinese products are at the "low end" of the production chain. What do you think

Bai Xueli: middle and low-end, not absolute low-end, is still higher than China's low-end. In the case of international division of labor, there is a process for what products and what kind of products a country produces. For example, the earliest plush toy production was in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and it will slowly be transferred to the mainland. Maybe it will be transferred to Bangladesh, India and Vietnam with normal transmission sound, safety and reliability in the future. Therefore, at present, the relationship between the grade of Chinese products and the international division of labor is consistent, and this situation cannot be skipped

explore the cause

what is the crux

: despite China's huge population base, the demographic dividend is gradually declining, and the "made in China" model of competing prices at low human costs is unsustainable. After so many years of shouting that made in China should be transformed into intelligent made in China and created in China, the overall effect is not particularly obvious. What is the crux of the difficult transformation

Bai Xueli: the so-called "made in China" needs to be upgraded, which is not mobilized and organized by the government, or it can be achieved by setting a goal. The key lies in enterprises, especially private enterprises, who decide what direction to go and what to do. In the current situation, I think enterprises generally have short-term behavior. Because of the current policies, prices and costs, enterprises have accelerated the utilization and demonstration of renewable and degradable bio based materials products, which is difficult to control. Therefore, their thinking is short-term, and they basically have no idea of operating a century old store

Chen Xiaofei: the transformation process is obviously very difficult. Only from the perspective of mergers and acquisitions, many Chinese enterprises often fail when they "go out", and there are few successful cases. In many cases, it is important to recognize each other's culture and enterprise management philosophy during transformation

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