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In the "2002 high technology development report" on 15 key technologies in the field of materials technology in the next 20 years, through a questionnaire survey of 125 experts in the field of materials from the scientific community, business circles, government departments and other fields, the Chinese Academy of Sciences published the results of Technology Foresight in the field of materials technology in the next 20 years, and believed that 15 "bottleneck technologies" restricting industrial development would be broken through. These 15 key technologies include:

developing practical high temperature superconducting materials and applying them to several fields

solar cells with a conversion efficiency of more than 20% have entered the practical stage

the demand for new energy is expected to exceed the development of nano material preparation technology and the application of nano materials and nano devices in several fields

develop fuel cells for automotive power

polymer matrix composites that can work continuously at a high temperature of 350 ℃ have entered the practical stage

develop apatite based composites that are basically the same as human bone

developed intermetallic compound based high temperature structural materials

develop titanium alloys suitable for automotive and other civil industries

develop low-cost and high-strength aluminum and magnesium alloys suitable for vehicles such as automobiles

develop practical all-optical switching materials and technologies

the development of single electronic memory has been expressed by insiders

the new generation of steel materials (i.e. "super steel") has entered the practical stage

develop suitable plastic recycling and recycling technology

develop high-energy, high-density, durable rechargeable batteries

1 develop a practical technology of solar energy decomposing water to produce hydrogen on some new and special data fixtures

this research survey, which has been implemented since July 2001, has drawn on the successful experience of foreign countries. Through scientific investigation, combined with the competitive environment and technology demand analysis of relevant industrial departments in China, it has put forward many valuable technological foresight achievements, which have been recognized by all sectors of society

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