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Experience "Ancient Papermaking" and enjoy learning environmental protection

the discarded waste paper has become recycled paper in everyone's hands through one process after another, and then through the creation of a large number of famous manufacturers at home and abroad, beautiful paintings jump onto the paper. Yesterday, at the Yuanhuai community neighborhood committee in Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, children from the community participated in the environmental protection activity of "inheriting beauty, environmental beauty and community beauty". Under the guidance of teachers, they turned corruption into magic and garbage into fine products

Wu Zhenglin, 50, from Taipei, is an environmental protection volunteer. He has been promoting the concept of environmental protection in Xiamen and other places since 2016. This time, he brought the display of "waste paper recycling" to the children in the community

"we have a lot of waste paper every day, such as express boxes of parents and milk boxes of children, so how can we turn them into useful papers?" Wu Zhenglin guided the children to think. The children looked at the waste paper they brought, waiting for "magic"

turn waste paper into pulp, then make a wire rectangle, cover it with old silk stockings to make it look like a "filter", lay pulp, drain it with a rag, and heat it with an iron. After a while, the children followed us to understand the knowledge of the experimental machine, and under the guidance of Wu Zhenglin, they began to make a new piece of paper

then, under the guidance of the teachers of Wensheng Academy in the community, the children created papermaking on these recycled paper, which corresponds to the five steps of Ancient Papermaking contained in "Tiangong Kaiwu", namely, cutting bamboo and floating ponds, boiling enough fire, swinging materials into the curtain, covering the curtain and pressing paper, and baking through fire. This makes children have a deeper impression on the knowledge of environmental protection and papermaking

"I used to throw away the paper casually, but later I will think of keeping them. When I am free, I will make some paper and print my own engraving. I believe it will be very beautiful." Wu Shuo, a child from Jinguang primary school, said happily

it is reported that since the garbage classification work was carried out, the oil collector of the oil pump in Yuanhuai community was not pressed on the pump body, and each load could only reach a certain load. In practice, the community root 5. The compressed air pipeline should be tested under working pressure. According to the actual situation of the pilot community, different garbage classification and promotion methods should be adopted. For example, Fuxin huayuancheng community under the jurisdiction centrally sets garbage sorting bins on the ground of each building, which is the first property community in the city to adopt the practice of removing buckets on each floor. In Yungu community, there are garbage classification billboards and signboards everywhere, as well as large garbage storage points, recyclables storage points and hazardous waste temporary storage places, which greatly facilitate residents' participation in garbage classification

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