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How can outdoor security equipment survive the winter

] after the heavy snow solar term, a sudden low temperature covered all parts of the country with cold, and the snow scenery in many places also attracted many people to go out and watch. I believe that over the weekend, even in Shenzhen, which is located in the subtropical region, many people have wrapped up in winter clothes to warm up for the winter. Although the temperature has picked up, rain and snow will continue in most parts of the country in the next few days. In cold winter, people can travel wrapped in warm clothes, but how can the security equipment that has been providing services for people outdoors spend the winter

how to keep warm in cold weather outdoor monitoring

among these security equipment, outdoor monitoring is mainly used. In the field of video surveillance, outdoor surveillance accounts for a large proportion. When rainy and snowy weather occurs in winter, outdoor monitoring is often required to play the role of eyes. Therefore, during installation, low temperature resistance is often the focus of attention. Generally speaking, outdoor monitoring should work normally, and the operation of its internal electronic components is affected by the environment. Too high or too low temperature will affect the use of the camera

at this stage, the monitoring and cold protection mainly starts from the camera itself, and low-temperature resistant materials are used on components to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; On the other hand, the normal operation of the camera can also be ensured by additional protection methods such as protective cover and thermal insulation shell. For example, some manufacturers will put forward stricter requirements for plastic technology, and develop cameras with snow removal mode or automatic thermostatic cameras for severe cold weather. When the snow reaches a certain thickness, turn on the snow removal mode, and remove the snow by using the semiconductor device voiceprint or shaking off. Only from time to time can we develop and launch new products

security figure in emergency rescue in rainy and snowy weather

the arrival of the cold wave not only causes inconvenience to our daily travel, but also has a very serious impact on road, railway, aviation and other transportation and agricultural production in various regions. In recent years, with the update and iterative development of security technology, the role of security products in low-temperature rain and snow emergency rescue has become increasingly perfect. In addition to the conventional pre disaster detection and early warning and real-time monitoring images of road conditions, the development of unmanned aerial vehicle inspection has also greatly improved the city's emergency processing capacity

with the arrival of a wide range of severe cold, rain and snow, the power interruption caused by Blizzard and freezing will have a very serious impact on people's daily life. The traditional power inspection task mainly depends on manpower, which is not only extremely inefficient, but also dangerous. The emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles greatly makes up for this shortcoming

by using patrol UAV, patrol inspectors can not only reduce workload and risk, but also improve patrol efficiency and strengthen power security. In addition, when there is a lot of snow on the wire, the patrol UAV can be used to carry out snow removal operations, further improving the convenience of work

The severe cold weather promotes the market

in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the change of people's consumption concept, smart home has appeared in more and more families. Among many smart home products, intelligent single-chip microcomputer real-time display of experimental data and experimental status, thermostat, intelligent electric heater and other intelligent temperature regulation products, as a new anti cold artifact, have become an important part of the smart home system and promote the development of the smart home market

on the one hand, these products can monitor the home temperature in real time and implement different heating methods according to the situation of people at home, making the heating system more efficient and practical. At the same time, the product can also be controlled with intelligence, and users can view and adjust the indoor temperature remotely

on the other hand, when heating in winter, users cannot pay attention to the status of heating equipment at home at any time, which is very likely to cause safety accidents. Smart home can always monitor the working conditions of the home environment and related equipment. Once the indoor combustible gas concentration exceeds the threshold, the system will automatically alarm, and cut off the gas valve for ventilation


the severe cold, rainy and snowy weather cannot be controlled, but at this time, technology needs to contact the manufacturer's progress, which can enable us to minimize property losses in pre disaster warning, disaster response, post disaster maintenance and other aspects. With the development of artificial intelligence and IOT technology, more and more intelligent products play an important role in winter and become a new generation of cold proof artifact. When the cold wave strikes, as individuals, while doing a good job of keeping warm, we should also pay attention to daily travel and driving safety to ensure a safe winter

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