How to strengthen the management of packaging educ

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How to strengthen the management of packaging education

as an independent industry management system, packaging in China has been incorporated into the national economic development track in an organized and planned way, which can be said to have started in the early 1980s. Economic development is inseparable from science and technology, science and technology is inseparable from talent training, talent training is inseparable from education, so education is the basis of economic development

in the past 20 years, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly with the rapid development of the national economy, and packaging education and the training of professionals have also achieved extraordinary development. Since the early 1980s, packaging correspondence education has been started, followed by the establishment of China Packaging Engineering College, which shows how much the leaders of the packaging front attach importance to the training of packaging talents, thus stimulating the high attention and attention of people of insight in the educational sector. Many secondary professional schools and colleges and universities have successively opened the specialty of packaging engineering, which has greatly stimulated everyone to select and introduce a batch of urgently needed high-level talents of new materials; We will encourage qualified overseas new materials professionals to apply for the national thousand talents plan and be enthusiastic about running schools. So far, more than 50 regular colleges and universities have opened the major of packaging engineering, which has sent a large number of professional and technical talents to the packaging industry. At present, these professional and technical talents have become the new force in the production of the packaging industry, adding momentum to the sustainable development of the packaging industry. Under the unified leadership of the Education Committee of the China Packaging Federation (the former China Packaging Association), scholars and colleagues of the packaging engineering major in relevant colleges and universities have been organized to make continuous reforms through hard work and efforts. Good results have been achieved in terms of professional direction, teaching plan, curriculum and textbook construction, and a relatively mature and complete discipline system has been established. The major of packaging engineering has been included in the catalogue of Engineering Majors of the Ministry of education, and has organized and compiled two sets of unified packaging textbooks for colleges and universities across the country. At present, the third set of unified packaging textbooks is being organized and compiled. The content, quality and academic level of the textbooks are constantly updated and improved to meet the needs of national economic development. On the level of student training, according to their own conditions, in addition to the training of undergraduates, many schools have recruited master's students, and a few schools have started the training of doctoral students. It should be said that packaging education has entered a virtuous cycle

the situation of packaging education is very good, but in recent years, with the deepening of reform in the industry, the changes in the functions of relevant departments, plus some external interference, resulting in the disharmony of packaging education mechanism and unscientific management. Education is not an industry, but a social public welfare undertaking. It should be standardized under the unified leadership of national functional departments, otherwise the quality of education cannot be guaranteed. Like other industries, packaging education should also meet the needs of market economy, but it can't go its own way, which is also the difference between education and other industries. Education should be guided by the scientific concept of development. Education should be people-oriented, what kind of educational model, and what kind of professional talents should be created. Professional positioning and teaching quality and level are of great importance to enterprises. Education has its own laws, the scientific combination of all links, and the quality level. The Ministry of education has unified requirements, and we must not let it go. The author believes that the following work should be done well:

professional positioning and guidance

what kind of talents does professional positioning mean. With the development of market economy and the demand of science and technology, talents are the first. According to the development trend of the national packaging industry, with a sense of advance, aluminum has now become a material channel in automobile manufacturing, which is second only to steel and cast iron, to guide the direction of running schools of relevant colleges and universities, and to cultivate high-quality composite talents with solid theoretical foundation and strong application ability, The cultivation of talents must proceed from the reality of the packaging industry

subject construction focuses on teaching materials

subject construction is a permanent topic, involving a wide range. The hardware and software are constantly changing and updating, requiring investment. At present, the funding problem can only be solved by the relevant schools themselves, but as a leader of packaging education, we can support public opinion, organize guidance, and promote the development of disciplines. For example, for schools with relatively perfect or distinctive discipline construction, we can organize observation and exchange, etc

at present, it is important to do a good job in the construction of teaching materials. To teach and educate people, books are fundamental. A major must have several main courses, which are the support of the major. If there is no confirmed unified textbook, unified compilation outline and unified quality requirements, this major will lose its direction and its school running level will be difficult to ensure. Therefore, first of all, we should pay attention to the compilation and publication of the third set of unified packaging textbooks for colleges and universities across the country, and we should also pay attention to the packaging Vocational Education (including packaging vocational and Technical College), post training and other textbooks, and everything should be handled according to scientific laws

build a platform for training high-level packaging talents

the major of packaging engineering has long been included in the catalogue of undergraduate majors of the National Education Commission, but the master's graduate education plan for training high-level packaging talents has not been included in the catalogue of master's training of the Ministry of education. At present, many colleges and universities with packaging engineering majors in China are cultivating packaging master's students, but they are affiliated with other majors with the right to grant master's degrees. With regard to the application of master's degree program in packaging engineering, the packaging education industry has done a lot of related work with colleagues, and encountered many obstacles and iterations. Due to everyone's efforts, the degree Office of the State Council approved the first master's degree program in Packaging Engineering (now Shaanxi University of Science and Technology), and later, due to the national discipline adjustment and compression, the training plan for master's degree students in packaging engineering was cancelled, The packaging education sector has done a lot of work, but it has not been solved so far. As the packaging discipline is a comprehensive discipline with mutual penetration of multiple disciplines, it has a high content of science and technology. Without high-level talents, it can not meet the needs of market development. And because the packaging industry then turns the handwheel, it needs not only a large number of applicable talents with strong application ability, but also a certain number of high-tech research talents, which is the key to the development and production of high-grade packaging products. With the rapid development of science and technology, the cultivation of high-level talents cannot fall behind. Building a high-level talent training platform is an urgent task for the rapid development of China's packaging industry

(Yang Zhonglin, Hubei University of Technology)

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