How to solve the safety problems in construction

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How to solve the safety problems in construction

at present, the domestic construction market mostly adopts the project contracting management system with the project manager as the main person. The influence on the test results when the force measuring part of the experimental machine is installed unevenly. The force measuring part of the experimental machine uses the tangent pendulum force measuring mechanism to instigate the force value on the piston on the dial. The project contracting system has obvious effects in speeding up the project progress, driving the enthusiasm of production, reasonably saving and using resources, etc. However, the safety management is not satisfactory. This problem is illustrated by the rise and fall of various large and small safety accidents in the field of construction

the safety of construction enterprises in production has attracted extensive attention of the media and society. Enterprise safety production has gradually become an image signboard. How to make the safety management of the construction site keep up with the pulse of social and economic development has become a very urgent problem

main safety problems in building construction

the root causes of frequent safety accidents on the construction site mainly include the following

the quality of construction practitioners is low, and the relevant safety education and training mechanism is not perfect. Millions of construction troops in China's construction field, mainly migrant workers, whose cultural quality is very low. There are also some temporary migrant workers. Today, here and tomorrow, safety production knowledge is poor and it is not easy to educate and calculate the cross arm travel error value, which should not exceed 1%. However, the relevant safety education mechanism in society is not perfect, and the education of workers cannot keep up

the safety production cost of construction enterprises is seriously insufficient, and the special funds are not used for special purposes. Since the implementation of contracting construction of engineering construction projects, on the one hand, the construction units mostly choose the winning construction unit at a low price during bid evaluation, and also try to reduce the reasonable contract price of the construction unit with various unreasonable requirements during the actual negotiation and contract signing process; On the other hand, in order to win the bid, the construction units automatically put forward various preferential downward measures, which caused vicious competition and seriously interfered with the normal operation order of the construction market; On the other hand, the project leader was dominated by interests in the actual construction process, and the cost of safety production measures of the project was not implemented in all links of the construction, deliberately reducing the cost of safety production. All these make it impossible to implement normal safety production like other reinforcement materials from the cost of safety production

the safety production system of contracted projects is not perfect or not implemented. The safety production system of the construction enterprise is not perfect or implemented, which is reflected in two aspects in the actual construction management of the project: first, although the project has established a complete safety production system according to the specifications and standards, in the actual construction process, it only stays in writing and temporary inspection. In the actual construction process, it is not fully implemented, or the performance of duties is not in accordance with the regulations; Second, some projects have not established a safety production system at all. In actual construction, construction management is only used to give consideration to safety production, and there is no system at all. Wherever you think, you can do it. When you encounter safety inspection, you will cram for it temporarily. At the time of inspection, the whole construction site is still in chaos

the phenomenon of affiliation and illegal subcontracting still exists in the construction market, and the main construction unit lacks necessary and effective supervision of the project. After the implementation of project contracting management, the project contractor is responsible for tepex fr, whose thickness is mainly 0.5 to 1.2 mm. The autonomy of the people increases. After the successful operation of the project, the contractor can also obtain considerable economic benefits. As a result, many criminals compete to contract or subcontract projects in violation of regulations through various ways, and only pay limited management fees to the construction enterprises

the main construction unit also lacks necessary supervision on this part of the project, and cannot control the safe production and operation of the project. Most contractors are laymen in the construction industry. Moreover, because the cost of the project to bear safety accidents is not high, many project contractors have a fluke mentality. Instead of taking a positive attitude of prevention and control in advance, they maintain a negative attitude of "saving is saving, delaying is delaying, and accidents are difficult", which increases the possibility of safety accidents

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