Top ten entrepreneurs shed tears at the end of the

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The top ten entrepreneurs shed tears at the end of the century

Guide: the 20th century is undoubtedly a century full of hope and tragedy for Chinese enterprises. Looking back on the 20th century is both heroic and emotional. Recently, at a symposium on industry and commerce, Duan Yongji, who is a high-ranking general and at a good time, cried when looking back on the past of the four links. Many people

The 20th century is undoubtedly a century full of hope and tragedy for Chinese enterprises. Looking back on the 20th century is both heroic and emotional

at a recent industry and Commerce symposium, Duan Yongji, who was a high-ranking general and at a good time, cried when looking back on the past of the four links, and many people followed with tears, for the ups and downs of Chinese enterprises, and for the bitterness and bitterness he experienced. Accompanied by duanyongji's tears, Jiang Wei, President of Shenyang Feilong company, said, "Chinese entrepreneurs are so easy to cry."

at present, Jiang Wei is going through a difficult time

anyway, it is obvious that the development of China's private economy is not enough with tears. Finally, Chinese enterprises will bring the glory of the 20th century into the 21st century. Some of the things we once advocated, such as stepper motors and ball screw loading, will become an eternal past, and some will become our unforgettable inspiration and experience

lonely personal heroism circle and collapse of the hometown of wealth

Shi Yuzhu never dreamed that January 12, 1997, would become the eternal "black" day of giants

Chinese private enterprises have been waiting for the rise of giants, but Shi Yuzhu never stood up from the 300 square meter president's office. This "scholar boss", who started with a loan of 4000 yuan, was catching up with the third wave of going to the sea in China when he started his business. He chose a completely different way from the boss of Zhongguancun. Relying on technology and market, he quickly got rid of small business and snowballed the original accumulation of capital. Create an annual growth miracle of about 500%. He has become "China's top ten reform figures" and "one of China's top ten richest people", but these honors are far from enough for Shi Yuzhu. He wants to become "the giant of the East" and IBM

he made the giant move towards diversification with heroic spirit. Although he deeply felt that the giant's internal management was full of hidden dangers, and the operation beyond the limit was "bound to be scarred", Shi Yuzhu could not stop his lofty ambition from a rational point of view. The giant building has risen from 18 floors to 70 floors, and the investment has risen from 200million to 1.2 billion, expanding a completely unfamiliar field with small efforts. This building, which can only surface forever, has not become a landmark building in Zhuhai after absorbing all the capital of giants and the pride of Shi Yuzhu. Instead, it has become an altar for the wealth dreams of young heroes of private entrepreneurs

the giant shrunk. In the color of tragedy, Shi Yuzhu tearfully stayed away from all those brilliant things, quietly studied the selected works of Mao Zedong, and learned from his major mistakes: lack of scientific decision-making, blind pursuit of diversification

Management: "giant" decision-making mechanism is difficult to adapt to the development of enterprises, and did not put the technological innovation of his main business in an important position. However, in addition to proving your feelings, thinking mistakes cannot save the collapse and loss of wealth. The giant has become a great pity for China's private economy

in the development of China's private economy, lonely personal heroism is a topic that has been infinitely expanded by society, and it is also a realistic temptation to take timely and appropriate actions to confuse and dream when necessary. A private enterprise owner in Shenzhen once told about the tragedy of Giants: newly successful private entrepreneurs often complain about the lack of enterprise heroes in Chinese enterprises, and becoming heroes has become their ideal model. Heroism is lonely and isolated, which will inevitably lead to surreal decision-making mistakes, which in turn will bring tragedy to decision makers, like the tragedy of giants. The defects of Chinese entrepreneurs should not be analyzed morally, but from the integrity of their character. In the current situation in China, many private enterprises exist with the boss's personality

the real competition of entrepreneurs is actually the competition of self-improvement, rather than self apotheosis, self intoxication and self isolation. Many high-level people in the Apollo Group said: their chairman Locke is an absolute decision-making dictator, and any attempt to persuade him by others will fail. Even if you have sufficient reasons and truth, Locke's indomitable character will fall in front of you

Locke did not surpass his heroic color, and the sun god did not rise

Sanzhu is another extension of personal heroism. Over the years, why Chinese private enterprises have been growing in the shadow of "small growth" and "short life", because Chinese private enterprises have prematurely become giants and superhumans for the purpose of "pulling up seedlings and encouraging growth" before they grow up

Wu Bingxin worships Mao Zedong extremely. Mao Zedong is a great man and hero of a century. In order to complete the mission of "hero", Wu Bingxin turned some major institutions of the three strains group into war, such as the "market front command committee". He said that "the municipal Front Committee is equivalent to the Central Military Commission, and the provincial front command is equivalent to the former political commissar..." the three strains headquarters has a "Political Work Department", the provinces have a "political commissar", and the subsidiaries have a "party representative"... As a result, the three strains of Party organizations at all levels are catching up with wealth, Wealth catches up with disaster. Although they have established a sales network in all parts of the country that even Wu Bingxin can't tell, for a time, the three products in all parts of the country even looked like a pyramid selling product, which has become a myth of countless people eager to be rich. In order to obtain the intermediary fee for sales, people wrote the promotional advertisements of "Sanzhu oral liquid" all over the dirty wall of the roadside toilet and in front of the pig wall of their own pigs... In the performance of Sanzhu group, the achievements created by tianluodi's sales network once sent Sanzhu to the position of the richest private enterprise in Shandong Province

although another private entrepreneur later complained that Sanzhu's sales network was built with sand, Wu Bingxin also stated the private entrepreneur's "nonsense", time and reality cannot hide Sanzhu's tragedy. Wu Bingxin, who strives to be a national hero and a righteous man, almost killed him and Sanzhu before he could clarify the brilliance and strategy he created. Now, the lawsuit has been won, but the three strains have unfulfilled ambitions. The huge three strains are so vulnerable

in Chinese society, there is an extreme lack of wealth heroes and enterprise heroes. Why do more entrepreneurs, in the process of achieving this goal, either fail or "see the end of the world"? We may find out many reasons, but there is an important mistake that cannot be ignored - the mistake of entrepreneur's personality and self worship, which leads to the distance between reality and ideal

an entrepreneur in Guangdong Province said: the real tragedy of China's private enterprises is not the lack of funds, talents or support, but the lack of clear judgment of decision makers. We can seize a good project and create the brilliance and honor known to the world in a very short time, but we cannot forget a fundamental thing, that is, how to bring the enterprise to the future safely and sincerely

after the tragedy of Sanzhu, Wu Bingxin began to rationally sum up 15 mistakes, but what kind of loss did the cold market bring to Wu Bingxin? Among the 15 major mistakes, Wu Bingxin ignored an important and common mistake: that is, too straightforward demands for honor and wealth, and the lack of strict supervision and operation mechanism for enterprise quality. Every entrepreneur is difficult to get out of the track of personal destiny, but the fate of the enterprise must be completely different from that of the individual

Zhang Ruimin is an alternative who creates wealth and honor. He has always kept his personal feelings at a certain distance from the development of Haier with Lingling and calm. He has almost become the most successful entrepreneur in China. He told: Although Haier is developing so much now, I am trembling and walking on thin ice every day. So far, Haier has made no mistakes in decision-making, which is the key to its smooth development. A large warship, if a move is careless, a decision is wrong, it is likely to cause the annihilation of the whole army, so I work very hard, very hard, very careful to do everything every day. The self-improvement wins. This victory is to defeat yourself first. No one can deny that Zhang Ruimin, who is close to conservative, does not have the brilliance of corporate heroes

enterprises create wealth in order to create greater wealth. In turn, does wealth create personal heroism or wealth? In the long self-examination of Chinese private enterprises, this paradox is still open mouthed. We really don't want to see another private enterprise get another tragic conclusion after the devastated vicissitudes

to overcome everything, first of all, it starts with defeating yourself.

in the past two years, Ho Chi Biao, President of IDO, really felt cold. All the halos that once covered him thickly were dimmed

the author has analyzed the reasons for the ups and downs of love from a social perspective, He believes that "Chinese enterprises have entered a time of rapid development, and at the same time, they have entered an era in which enterprises create 10000 myths and 10000 miracles. Society is often moved by the myths and miracles of this era. Of course, what is more moving is the enterprise itself and the entrepreneur himself. Many enterprises grow up in dreams, and many enterprises are also disillusioned in dreams."

Hu Zhibiao has two magnificent dreams for aido: first, he hopes that one day aido will become a household brand in the world like coca cola and Panasonic; Second, aido will enter the world's top 500

when aido developed rapidly, no one asked Hu Zhibiao: how difficult it is to realize your wish! Hu Zhibiao did not warn himself: how can I realize my dream. The bottom line of the top 500 is $10billion, while when aido dreamed, its sales were just $100million. Two magnificent dreams were soon buried by the crisis of aido. Advertising suspension, financial constraints, shareholder revolt, credibility crisis...

"playing cards without following the principles of cards" Hu Zhibiao, how helpless he is in the siege and interception of many crises. On June 11, 1999, 1200 employees of aido put Hu Zhibiao under "house arrest" in the office and demanded unpaid wages. The brilliance of aido

disappeared in the gloomy day of Hu Zhibiao. Aido suffers from many common diseases of private enterprises: wrong decision-making, wrong diversification, unclear property rights... Like a giant, no one can save him. Up to now, Hu Zhibiao has pinned his hope on the operation of capital. He has no way to borrow everywhere, so he sighed with great emotion: Why are so many state-owned enterprises still able to borrow money from the bank after years of losses, and even get the listing quota to circle the shareholders' money? What about private enterprises? With emotion, is the disease of aido treatable by the amount of capital? Aido and Hu Zhibiao, the "standard King" and instant miracle purchased with 210 million yuan, were originally a stunted embryo, and the brand became famous again

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